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Baba, skinny! From this fall we will only wear wide jeans
Baba, skinny! From this fall we will only wear wide jeans

Free your legs from the tight, constricting jeans and instead get fluttering, wide or slightly worn pants. They are not only very trendy, they are so comfortable!

slouchy jeans
slouchy jeans

Can you still remember when skinny jeans became fashionable? We soon banned all bootcut pants from our closets and lived the skinny life. And even if we are still not ready to say Baba to the narrow parts with certainty, it is time to try something different! In fact, wide, comfortable, almost worn out jeans!

Already in the 80's the "slouchy" models were the hit and even in the 90's we liked to wear the pants a little wider than necessary. The cool thing about the look is not only the obvious casualness of the wearer, but also the changeability of wide jeans. With high heels and a tight top, the part is suitable for a party. And whoever wears oversize sweaters and cowboy boots with them really lets the trendsetter hang out.

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