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Why you should invest money in a silk scarf
Why you should invest money in a silk scarf

You don't need expensive clothes. All you need is a high quality silk scarf and the right knot technique to look elegant! For us, silk scarves are THE trend for 2019 & by no means grandma!

Silk scarves trend
Silk scarves trend

No matter what you wear, a silk scarf will always spice up your outfit. Either you wear the scarf around your neck, around your hips or as a headscarf and turban. It is certainly always an eye-catcher! Hype labels like Celine, Gucci or Moschino are surprising this year with colorful motifs. We love the mix of classic-conservative and trashy-cool! In the right combination, silk scarves look anything but staid and as if freshly flattened by grandma’s neck!

Trend: This is how we combine silk scarves correctly

Silk scarf: the right knot technique

This year we don’t just wear silk scarves boringly knotted around our necks for a long time. The shawls are also wonderful as turban, hair accessory, waist belt, scarf or skirt! And there are countless knotting techniques to skillfully stage your favorite shawl …

Neckerchief - but please be casual

Headscarf and turban

Waist belt

Silk scarf as a hair accessory

Silk scarves as a top

Silk scarves as a pareo

The most beautiful (vintage) silk scarves for after-shopping

Our tip: Invest some money in a high quality luxury silk scarf. It doesn't have to be a Hermès shawl (approx. 345 euros) or a Chanel shawl (approx. 260 euros) BUT a shawl from Kenzo (approx. 175 euros) or Moschino (approx. 180 euros) is definitely worth the investment. Because even if you wear a cheap outfit, your entire look will look equally high quality with the scarf! Another good tip are vintage markets like the Vintage Kilo Sale, where you can always get hold of cheap quality goods!

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