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Christmas hair accessories for every hair length
Christmas hair accessories for every hair length

There are Christmas earrings, necklaces, sweaters … But this year we want to stand out differently: namely with Christmas hair ornaments!

christmas hair accessories
christmas hair accessories

The holidays are also a bit about being seen. And so far we've tended to use the classic ensemble of dresses, pretty jewelry and festive make-up. On New Year's Eve, everything gets a party touch and then the New Year has already started.

But this year we're going to do it differently. We'll get noticed, oh yeah! But this time with our hairstyle, or rather the jewelry that is worn by our hair. Because there are many more options than you would think. And where did we get the inspiration from? From the Insta-Girls, of course! They have long since discovered the various hair accessories for themselves.

Graphic bobby pins:

Is the easiest and most direct way to make a statement. You don't even have to struggle with the hairstyle for a long time, because the bobby pin already does most of the work. By the way, this look is particularly suitable for short hair, because it shows off the statement piece to its best advantage.

Punky hair piercings:

Curly girls, don't straighten your hair for this hairstyle! Because the hair rings get a special look when the rest of the mane is wildly messed up. By the way, it looks more complex than the hairstyle really is. In the end, you choose one or more strands that you want to braid and then hang the rings on the braided plait.

Hair jewels:

Also great for short hair: you only need stickers that stick to your hair. Then you fix the part of the hair that you want to stick with a lot of hair gel or wax and start decorating. For the extra portion, add a heavy load of hairspray!


Very elegant, but unfortunately with a catch: you have to get hold of such hairstones first. But if you find them, you should buy a bulk pack right away, because this type of hair decoration is usually equipped with small spirals on the underside and can therefore be easily attached. This time long-haired girls benefit: Make an elegant bun, fix it with hairspray and then just decorate it as you wish.

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