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Christmas 2020 in one hairstyle: Christmas-Tree-Hair
Christmas 2020 in one hairstyle: Christmas-Tree-Hair

Hey - it's 2020 and somehow no matter what. So pile your hair up and indulge in the ultimate Christmas lockdown hairstyle. It makes you happy. Promised.

Christmas Tree Hair
Christmas Tree Hair

On the one hand, the Christmas season is very stylish, calm and reflective. On the other hand, a bit of madness breaks out. We decorate our houses with glitter, tinsel, candles and fairy lights as if there was no tomorrow. And we ourselves want to look as dazzling as possible.

At the same time, the ice-cold climate calls for cuddles on the sofa. And then there are the Christmas sweaters, for which we have collectively agreed that good style is out of place. And so we are torn between madness and elegance. So it's no wonder that we come up with ideas like the Christmas tree hair style.

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How do I get the Christmas tree hairstyle myself?

For this Christmas headdress, which is made up of your own hair, you need a long, thick mane. The easiest way to do it is as follows: You turn an empty, large plastic bottle upside down and start teasing your hair around this bottle. When you have finally made the bottle disappear with a lot of hairspray, volume powder and a number of bobby pins, then you can decorate the steep hairstyle with balls, tinsel and glitter. Just like a real Christmas tree. Many ladies on Instagram have already got a taste for it:

But we also like the more subtle variant. For this a thick braid is braided and hung with all kinds of Klimblim. It looks especially cool, of course, when the hair is dyed green - but we understand if you don't want to make this commitment for a seasonal hairstyle …

Psssst: The quiteBy the way, the brave do it like this:

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