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No more eyelash curlers & mascara: Lash lifting put to the test
No more eyelash curlers & mascara: Lash lifting put to the test

An innovative technique is supposed to smooth, lift and stretch the natural eyelashes gently; Make it appear thicker and more voluminous - without any mascara or eyelash curlers! Editor Anna tested the eyelash lift in the Brow + Lash Bar in Vienna. Here she talks about her experience!

No more eyelash curlers & mascara: eyelash lifting in the test!
No more eyelash curlers & mascara: eyelash lifting in the test!

What is already commonplace in international metropolises is now also available in Vienna: a styling bar for eyebrows and eyelashes. There, even in a small space, only the hairs on the face are taken care of. Editor Anna tested it:

Anyone who looks at the photos from the nineties and early 00s knows how much eyebrows and eyelashes can define our appearance. Fortunately, the times of plucked eyebrows are over and naturalness is a top priority. This is what Alma Milcic and her team have also specialized in: Instead of trying to impose the fashion look of the moment on every customer, they help to create eyelashes and brows that are individually tailored to the person. In any case, you won't find any artificial eyelashes here. And after only around 20 minutes after years of struggle I see two symmetrical and perfectly colored eyebrows in the mirror, I'm all the more excited to see what the eyelash lift can do!


How does the eyelash lift work?

Eyelash lifting vs eyelash extensions

In short: eyelash lifting is the natural alternative to eyelash extensions. (If you are interested in eyelash extensions: I've already tested them!) The innovative technology gently smooths, lifts and stretches the eyelashes and makes them appear voluminous. Instead of sticks (as in the case of the eyelash wave), silicone pads are used for eyelash lifting, which are barely noticeable on the skin.

What should I watch out for in an eyelash lift?

Because the eyelashes are also colored during the treatment, they immediately look longer and more beautiful. Even though. You don't even need seat meat: including dyeing, the treatment takes around 30 minutes. Then the eyelashes should be left alone for 24 hours if possible. Ideally, do not let any water or care products get on your hair. But then there is really nothing left to consider. So the Lash Lift is really completely uncomplicated.

Result: how long does the eyelash lift last?

The eyelashes stay beautifully curved until they gradually fall out and new eyelashes appear. This is usually the case after around five to six weeks.

By the way, don't be alarmed: Whenever the eyelashes get wet, they almost revert to their natural state. As soon as they are dry, everything is back to normal!


What can I expect from a visit to the Brow + Lash Bar?

If you like it - like me - of course, regular visits will change your morning routine - and shorten it a lot! When I look in the mirror in the morning, my eyes appear much more alert from the start. For my normal daytime look I don't need any mascara anymore, in the evenings I help out with mascara every now and then. And my eyebrows now only need a bit of transparent brow gel to keep them in check. In the browser bar, they are dyed and plucked according to their type. With a little patience, even the eyebrow pencil becomes superfluous.

If you are looking for a method to get a dramatic look, fake lashes (by the way, we tested magnetic eyelashes) or eyelash extensions are probably the better option. But they mean one thing above all: work. With the Lash Lift you don't have to brush, curl or apply your OWN eyelashes for a long time - you are immediately ready to go, appear awake and refreshed. I imagine this to be super practical, especially on vacation.


Brow + Lash Bar

Plankengasse 1, 1010 Vienna

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