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Perfectly shaped eyebrows? We'll tell you how it works
Perfectly shaped eyebrows? We'll tell you how it works

Few people are born with perfect eyebrows. Fortunately, however, there are a few beauty tips on how to get your brows in good shape.

shape eyebrows
shape eyebrows

As is well known, eyes are a window to the soul. So the eyebrows are the curtains! And that's why we try so hard to get them in perfect shape. Most of us have to strain to fill, pluck, and groom our eyebrows. But don't worry: with a few tips, we are all able to shape flawless brows (whether wide or narrow, however they may look individually for you).

  • How do I pluck my eyebrows properly?
  • Which brow shape suits my face shape?
  • What tools do I use to shape my eyebrows?
  • Should I dye my eyebrows myself?
  • Shaping eyebrows: how to create the perfect brow arch
  • Style eyebrows: video instructions
  • Professional eyebrow styling: 3 methods

How do I pluck my eyebrows properly?

The tweezers have to be used so that the shape is really perfect and clean. The greatest danger: You pluck up and end up with straight brows like Daniela Katzenberger one day. Therefore, only ever pluck the wild hairs in the middle and along the lower brow arch. Never pluck the upper brow arch, otherwise you will destroy the natural shape!

One hair longer than another: trim eyebrows

Why do eyebrows look messy sometimes? Because some hairs are longer than others and then stubbornly get up or down. You can trim it into shape by brushing the hair straight up with a brow brush (can also be an old and cleaned mascara brush). Now trim the ends into shape with pointed nail scissors. Follow the natural shape of your brows and only snip a few hairs at a time.

candice swanepoel
candice swanepoel

Which brow shape suits my face shape?

For a few years now, natural, full eyebrows have been all the rage again. But that doesn't mean they can run wild. No, we still want to have the perfect Cara Delevigne eyebrow. But what if the top model's eyebrows don't stand on me at all?

It can actually be. Because depending on the shape of your face, you also need a different eyebrow shape. Round faces, for example, should have a structured curve in them to make the face appear narrower. With an elongated face, on the other hand, the eyebrows look quite straight, but the bushier the eyebrows. They direct the gaze to the eyes and visually shorten the face. For all other face shapes, read on here!

What tools do I use to shape my eyebrows?

Eyebrow pencil

The classic that everyone probably has at home. In the best case, it should have a firm and slightly waxy consistency so that it lasts longer. And don't be too pigmented! Because if you want natural eyebrows, you shouldn't draw a bar straight away.

Advantages: Greater control over strokes and color. Very suitable for beginners. Disadvantage: Tends to give off little color. Fills the gaps, but does not shape the hair itself. It must therefore always be fixed with gel.

<img src="" >

<img src="" >

With this pen you can draw very delicate lines.

Eyebrow gel or mascara

Particularly suitable for naturally full, voluminous brows. Temporarily colors the hairs and fixes them in their shape. Great for beginners who want a very natural result.

Advantages: Color & fixation of the hair in one. Natural result. Disadvantage: You have to cope with the consistency, or wipe the brush again and again, so that you have more control over the product. Don't fill in the gaps in the eyebrow.

This eyebrow gel is mixed with delicate hairs that make the brows even bushier.

Eyebrow pomade

The eyebrow pomade is applied with a suitable brush. It gives the eyebrows the perfect microblading look and lasts for a very long time after drying.

Advantages: Instagram girl look! Perfectly shaped, defined eyebrows. Long durability. Disadvantage: Not suitable for beginners as you have to specify the shape yourself. You should have neatly plucked eyebrows so that the protruding hairs don't break the shape.

With this set you don't have to buy a brush!

Should I dye my eyebrows myself?

It's not really difficult to dye your eyebrows yourself, but it should be done with caution and taking plenty of time. Above all, the preparation of all utensils and a clean work surface, as well as make-up removal wipes and a water source in case of an emergency, should have priority. In addition, a small allergy test with the dye in an invisible area should be carried out hours beforehand, before you really dare to get on your browbones. You can read here exactly how it works with dyeing!

Shaping eyebrows: how to create the perfect brow arch

You will need these utensils:

  • tweezers
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • beveled brush or eyebrow brush
  • Gel or mascara to fix
  • Optional: concealer, highlighter & brow powder

<img />

Tweezers for every case!

Determine the shape of the eyebrow

You can determine the perfect shape for your eyebrows as follows: Grab your eyebrow pencil and place it from the outer corner of the eye to the nostril. Your brow should end here. Now look straight in the mirror and hold the brow pencil from the outer nostril to over your pupil - this is where the perfect brow arch is located. Now place it on the outer nostril and align it vertically. Then you have found the beginning of your eyebrows.

Fill in the gaps

So that the eyebrows are really nice and full, you can fill in the small holes with the brow pencil (our choice) or brow powder. The best technique for this: Brush eyebrows straight DOWN to find gaps and sparse areas (not up!). Now draw in small lines.

<img src="" >

Fix the styling

When the eyebrows are filled in enough and look nice and bushy, all you have to do is brush off the excess color and then style the hair. This time you brush your hair upwards again, combing out the excess color. Then use a transparent eyebrow gel or mascara to shape the hair into the desired shape. Let dry a little. Then go over it again with a clean brush.

Emphasize eyebrows with makeup

If you want to emphasize your perfect eyebrows even more, you can take your concealer and trace the contours of the brows with a precise brush. Then gently blend the color. The effect is that the brows look even more precise and symmetrical. And for that certain something: brush a bit of shiny eye shadow or highlighter under the brow arch. Looks a bit higher to raise your brow!

Style eyebrows: video instructions

Professional eyebrow styling: 3 methods



Microblading is a pigmentation method that is very similar to tattooing. With a scalpel, delicate lines are scratched into the skin and filled with a suitable color. In this way, the natural eyebrow can be filled in permanently. The treatment costs around 300 euros and lasts one and a half to two years.

The disadvantage of this treatment is that it is too rough for sensitive skin, which can lead to more scarring and rough skin. You also have to be able to rely on the beautician being able to use the scalpel well. What do failures look like? You can see that here!



Microshading is the modified form of microblading and is therefore better suited for sensitive skin. In order to shape the eyebrow, not fine lines, but only points are scratched into the gaps between the eyebrows. These are then filled in with permanent make-up.

The result looks more delicate and even more natural than with microblading. In terms of price and durability, microshading also moves within the framework of microblading. You can see what the result can look like here!

Neyes principle


The Neyes principle is about bringing the eyebrows into a uniform, symmetrical shape over the long term. To do this, the procedure has to be repeated again and again until the hairs grow as you imagine. The Neyes method deals with ten steps: cleaning, dyeing, measuring, sketching, cutting, waxing, threading, plucking with tweezers, tracing and preparing a template.

The highlight is the coloring process, in which every eyebrow hair is captured without the skin being colored. The hair remains bushy and voluminous and retains its shape and color for 6 weeks. By the way, we tested the Neyes method: You can find the experience report here!

<img />

Sometimes it helps if you dye your eyebrows.

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