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These makeup mistakes make you look tired
These makeup mistakes make you look tired

Have you slept well and still look exhausted and pale? You may be making these makeup mistakes that will instantly make you look more tired.

These makeup mistakes make you look tired
These makeup mistakes make you look tired

How do we want to look? Fresh, lively, radiant! And instead: pale complexion, tired eyes. We slept enough and we didn't have a wild party. The look looks unfinished and anything but fresh. The good news: Make-up mistakes are often to blame for the tired expression. And they can be easily remedied … We'll tell you what to look out for in order to look more rested and fitter.

Makeup Mistakes: This is why you look tired

1. You choose the wrong foundation

The foundation is the basis of every make-up. This is why choosing the right color is so crucial. If you choose a shade that is too light, your complexion will look pale and mask-like. A shade of orange that is too strong can also make you look older and more tired. And there is one more thing you should keep in mind: If you use too little product, the look will appear unfinished and will also become stained more quickly in the quickly greasy areas of the T-zone. If you wear too much, the foundation will settle in fine lines or begin to crumble during the day. Therefore, it is better to apply small blobs on the cheeks, forehead and chin and blend them finely with a beauty blender. Tip: Prepare the skin with a good moisturizer. By the way, we reveal here how Meghan Markle got her unique glow.

2. Your concealer is the wrong color

A concealer should hide impurities and pigment spots, but above all dark circles under the eyes (here the causes for the dark shadows). But if you choose a concealer color that is too light or too dark, then exactly the opposite happens: Your dark circles are also emphasized. The base should therefore exactly match your skin color. You can still compensate for darker areas with a lighter shade. We reveal exactly how this works here.

3. You don't use mascara

Mascara has a fantastic effect: it opens your eyes and immediately makes you look more alert and radiant. The result will be even better if you bend your eyelashes into shape with an eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

4. Your kohl is too dark

Too harsh a shade can make your eyes look smaller and more tired than they actually are. Brown or gray tones are therefore more flattering than black. The best thing to do is to do without emphasizing the waterline and instead put some eye shadow on the lower lash line - this visually opens the eye.

5. You don't use blush

Blush is a must for a fresh and glowing complexion (unless you have the plump, rosy skin of a young woman). Spread a little creme blush on the "apple cheeks" and some powder blush on the cheekbones. Warning: do not use too much product!

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