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What really helps: 9 tips against nail biting
What really helps: 9 tips against nail biting

A small piece of cuticle here, a torn nail there. Nail biting usually starts harmlessly, but it can become a real tick. Stress, nervousness or boredom: whatever the reason, nail biting is a difficult habit to get rid of. We'll show you how to do it anyway and give you tips!

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  1. Is nail biting dangerous?
  2. What is the reason?
  3. 9 ultimate tips & tricks to stop biting your nails

The following situation: You are sitting in a new company and waiting for an interview. He or she is late and you get more and more nervous. Your hands are sweating, countless thoughts go through your head AND: you nibble on your nails.

Not only does it look stupid when a grown woman sticks her fingers between her lips all the time (yes, guilty!), It's unhygienic too. Apart from that, the battered fingers simply look up unkempt - and to hide them is also exhausting in the long run.


Is nail biting dangerous?

Are you familiar with that? According to a study, over 2 million Austrians are nail biters. But it's so unhealthy … because you swallow an above-average number of bacteria that migrate further into the intestines and can trigger dangerous infections. (HERE you can find out more about the topic. Those who bite nails often suffer from the HPV virus.) Apart from that, the result is unattractive hands that you don't want to show anymore. Many everyday activities that require the nails are also painful or almost impossible.

Nail biting and nail biting: what is the cause?

Above all, however, it is a vicious circle: once the cuticle is bitten, it can quickly become excessive. Protruding skin follicles and uneven nails invite you to a nibble festival. The cause? A Canadian research team has found that perfectionists above all are prone to nervous tics such as nail biting. At least some good news. Admittedly, our time could definitely be used better …

The most famous nail biter is Britney Spears. When performing on the red carpet, she hides her hands or has artificial nails missed. We'll show you how you can avoid nibbling your nails and get beautiful, long and healthy nails again.

9 tips and tricks to stop biting your nails

What helps against nail biting? Yoga


Some smoke, some eat a chocolate bar, others bite their nails. Using yoga to specifically reduce stress is one way of eliminating the cause of nail biting.


Tips against nail biting: Use hand cream


Manicure stops nail biting


Go to the nail salon and get a beautiful polish. You will automatically stop biting your nails, after all, you paid for it and you want the result to stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Bitter tincture for nail biting


Put your finger in your mouth and say "Iiiiigitt!" This is exactly what tinctures with a bitter taste do. You rub it over your fingertips and let it work for a short time. Afterwards, everyday life can be continued as usual, just without biting your nail. You can buy these tinctures, or varnishes with the same effect, in the pharmacy or in well-stocked drugstores.

Here you can find a tincture for nail biting:

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Bite your nails Always have a file with you


Always have a file ready. As soon as you discover a corner that you would normally nibble off immediately, just grab a nail file. Filing the nails has the same effect as biting in case of nervous attacks. The only difference: they stay beautiful and well-groomed.

Chewing gum helps


It occupies your teeth, promotes stress relief and also ensures good breath. In addition: chewing nails and chewing gum does not work at the same time.

The ultimate tip for nail bites: gel nails or shellac


They stay on it until your own nail has grown back. Because it is like this: once the nails have reached a certain length, the biter can more easily resist. In addition, gel nails are hard, sturdy, and expensive. Three Traits That Will Definitely Stop You From Biting! By the way, here you can find out what the differences are between Shellac, acrylic or gel nails and which nail design is less harmful.

Make yourself aware of nail biting


Another step towards improvement: Many people have been biting their nails for years and completely unconsciously. Ask friends or colleagues to let you know the next time you start doing the dangerous "DIY manicure"! This becomes incredibly annoying over time - a learning effect occurs relatively quickly.

A tip from a former nail biter: step by step


For some, cold withdrawal is too harsh - try to limit yourself to just one or two "allowed" chewing nails, or nibble your nails without actually biting. No permanent solution, of course, but setting new and higher goals bit by bit will ultimately bring you to the perfect nails!

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