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With this trick by Rihanna, * every * foundation looks much more natural
With this trick by Rihanna, * every * foundation looks much more natural

Have you always wondered how the stars make their skin look natural but make-up at the same time? Rihanna's make-up artist has a trick!

rihanna foundation
rihanna foundation

What we ask of a * really * good makeup day:

  • That we feel confident and pretty!
  • That the make-up stays in place & we don't have to correct anything.
  • That world peace will finally come, the bush fires will go out & the climate crisis will be solved.

Really not asking much, is it?

But joking aside - it would be enough for us if the foundation doesn't seep into our fine lines during the day, gets stuck in dry areas and forms an unsightly wreath around the nostrils. And so that it works, we get the best primers & most expensive foundations. Because it has to be somehow possible to enjoy a make-up moment à la Hollywood, Instagram & Co.

And we have already done one thing "wrong". According to Hector Espinal, Rihanna's right-hand man in the "Fenty Beauty" store, you don't need any expensive products (although he'll be happy when you buy the Fenty Foundation …). In any case, the makeup artist recently gave a masterclass and revealed some of his tricks.

Including the secret of how to apply foundation so that it looks like skin - only better. First tip:Less is more. First apply a light layer and only paint where a little more coverage is needed. Second tip: Skin care is the be-all and end-all. If the skin is not adequately hydrated, that doesn't exactly make things any easier.

Third (and best) tip: Apply foundation with a damp sponge wiped into cold Water has been softened. Yes, not in lukewarm or warm! The cold ensures that the pores contract. And so you apply the foundation to a smooth surface. Clever & easy to try!

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