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In the test: diamond peeling
In the test: diamond peeling

What we wanted: A painless treatment method for skin problems such as wrinkles, pigment disorders and acne. What we got: a diamond peeling!

In the test: diamond peeling
In the test: diamond peeling

"Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend." As early as 1953, Marilyn Monroe sang about the popularity of these precious stones. And in cosmetics, too, they now make us shine in the truest sense of the word. WOMAN editor Nadja tests a diamond peeling at the Juvenis medical center in Vienna and is delighted with the amazing result!

“I went back to the office with no foundation. And that says a lot!"

How does the diamond peeling work?

Since the top layer of skin continuously produces new cells, the old ones that are dead sit on the surface of the skin and partially stick. Among other things, they are the cause of blemishes or a dull complexion. With a diamond peeling, the topmost cornification and impurities of the skin are removed using precise diamond grinding heads. Now care products can penetrate deeply into the skin again and work from the inside out. At the same time, the blood circulation and thus the formation of new cells is promoted.

Application areas:

- Reduction of wrinkles and scars

- Treatment of stretch marks

- Large pores, blemished and oily skin

- acne

- Treatment of wrinkles around the eyes

- Sun damage and pigmentation disorders


Step 1: skin analysis

Before we start the treatment, the expert takes a look at my skin. Is it dry Is she sensitive? Is it prone to blemishes?

My skin is "normal" skin, i.e. combination skin. This means that my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is a bit greasy, but other areas can be dry again. Especially now in winter my skin tends to have sensitive reactions and sometimes has very dry areas.


Step 2: peeling & supply with active ingredients

When the beautician started the treatment, I was a little nervous - but then I was glad because the treatment didn't hurt a bit. On the contrary: I find sucking in and massaging my skin with the device very pleasant. In two passes, hyaluronic acid is smuggled into the skin for more moisture and vitamin C. This takes place at the same time as the peeling over the small diamond head, as the dead cells are now removed and the skin is ready to absorb active ingredients again.


Step 3: massage

Facial massage including care rounded off so that the skin can calm down.

Result and conclusion

I would like to anticipate that I NEVER - really NEVER - go out without a foundation. But when I looked in the mirror after the treatment I could hardly believe how changed my skin was: Beautifully rosy, not a single blackhead to be seen, refined pores and a radiant shine! I wonder how it is possible to achieve such a result after just one application, but this does not seem to be a problem with the diamond peeling at the Juvenis Medical Center in Vienna.

PS: I went back to the office without a foundation. And that says a lot!

"Dear men, please give your wife / girlfriend / mother / colleague a voucher for the diamond peeling, because women love diamonds and these are affordable."


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