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Is lip balm * really * addicting?
Is lip balm * really * addicting?

Rough lips? One quick move to the lip balm and everything is good again. At least for a short time, then you have the need to lubricate again. So can you get addicted to lip balm?

Is lip care addicting?
Is lip care addicting?

I don't even know how many Labellos - sorry, lip balm sticks - I actually have lying around at home, in the office and in various bags - and how many I've already used in my life. If no one is within reach, I get downright restless. Tense my lips, they're rough, and I just want my dose of lip balm. So am i addicted?

Or sometimes I have the feeling that the more I use the lip balm, the faster my lips become rough again and I have to add more and more frequently. A vicious circle? So does lip balm make our delicate skin on the lips dependent and this more and more often demands its "drug"? So that we can use up and buy the product faster?

Am I Addicted To Lip Care?

Of course, care is not addictive in the classic, pathological sense. After all, we don't have any physical withdrawal symptoms when we stop using the care stick. However, the recurring lip smear could be described as a ritual and, in the worst case, even as a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder.

How do lip balm sticks work?

Lip balm contains oils and moisturizer that are designed to soothe dry skin. Our lips, in particular, are prone to dryness and cracks, as they have almost no sweat or sebum glands that would help the skin itself with moisture.

Why do I have to keep adding up?

The care can usually not eliminate the reasons for the dry lips: Often these are dry heating air, a cold or strong sunlight. And as long as these external influences are there, the lips keep getting rough.

However, some care products also contain ingredients that can cause slight irritation in some people and thus the opposite effects. For example, menthol, peppermint or camphor are not well tolerated by all and can even increase the dryness after a short time.

The solution:

If you have the feeling that you have to relubricate too often, simply change the product and provider of lip care with other ingredients. Because not all of them tolerate certain types of care equally well - just try new things and you definitely don't have to do without velvety-soft lips. The same also applies to body lotions and co!

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