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Finally start using a lip scrub
Finally start using a lip scrub

Without Labello … uh … lip care we don't go out of the house anyway, a proper lip peeling could save us the constant smearing …

Dry lips: This is why you should use a lip scrub regularly
Dry lips: This is why you should use a lip scrub regularly

The weather is slowly greeting us again with rays of sunshine, but the constant wind and the dry heating air does not make our lips happy. The result? Brittle, chapped lips. Instead of applying lip care 24/7, there would be a much simpler solution to make our sensitive lips soft again: a lip peeling.

Do you think lip peeling is excessive at first glance? Lip scrubs are usually sugar-based and remove dead, dry skin. The result? Soft and well-groomed lips. Basically nothing more than a peeling for our face.

How do I use a lip scrub?

Simply pick up some of the lip scrub with your fingers and massage it into your lips in a circular motion. If there are a few flakes of skin that do not come off despite peeling, please do not peel them off, but apply a greasy ointment.

Exfoliating too much is not good either, that is to say: peeling every three days is really enough, even in the cold season. And one more thing: Even if the sugar scrubs taste delicious to lick off - please leave it! As we should all know by now, our saliva doesn't exactly do it better … Our spoke contains the enzyme amylase, which irritates dry and open areas on our lips even more. So better trust exfoliants. We especially love these:

The best lip scrubs for after-shopping

DIY lip scrub: make your own lip scrub

You can also easily make a lip peeling yourself. For example, we love the honey and sugar lip scrub. What you need?

  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • some (coconut) oil

Simply mix all the ingredients together and rub in circles for three minutes with a soft toothbrush or your fingers. Then simply remove residues with a cosmetic tissue! Complete!

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