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I have acne on my back and that really helped me
I have acne on my back and that really helped me

Skin blemishes, acne, pimples: The annoying pustules are not only annoying to us on the face, we also want to get rid of them as quickly as possible on the body! These tips really help.

Pimple alert! These care and nutrition tips will help with back acne
Pimple alert! These care and nutrition tips will help with back acne

Acne on the back can have many causes: from a poor diet, skin reactions to care products or detergents, to hormonal disorders - the annoying pimples affect more women than you would think. Almost everyone has had back acne at least once in their life. Basically, it is a cornification disorder of the skin and an overproduction of sebum. And the bacteria just sprout around (for whatever reason). I stopped the pill a few months ago and have had back acne ever since. But the condition of my skin is steadily improving. The bad news: Unfortunately, it would not have worked without any effort. But the results speak for themselves! That helped me:

1. back acne? Find the cause

Before you know the cause of the problem, you can only work on the symptoms. The skin will improve, but it will never be completely free of blemishes. Anyone who - as in my case - got pimples after stopping the pill can keep the symptoms and otherwise unfortunately has to be patient. Over time, the hormone balance levels off again. Your lifestyle also ensures the balance of hormones: drink a lot, good nutrition, regular bedtime, sufficient exercise and as little stress as possible. Sounds easier than it actually is, doesn't it?

If you feel that your hormones are still going crazy after a while, see a doctor. After a year I had a hormone status (saliva test) carried out and the result was: female hormones low, testosterone high - which, according to my doctor, can lead to acne. She prescribed hormone ointments with natural hormones that are supposed to rebalance my hormonal balance.

2. Look at your gut health

3. Inhibits bacterial growth

When you go to the dermatologist, you will definitely be prescribed different creams. And one or the other may have a very good effect. However, two things helped me to get my back acne under control:

  • 1. Wash in the morning and in the evening with a facial cleansing gel (fragrance-free) or at least cleanse with a facial toner or a mild tonic. Shower gel with fragrances and preservatives can irritate the skin too much.
  • 2. Spot treatment - that means treating individual pimples with tea tree oil or a zinc paste, like that by Mario Badescu. We have even dedicated a separate article to it - you can read it here.

4. Invest in professional treatment

Yes, of course it is a question of money, but I can tell you from my own experience: A cosmetic treatment for back acne definitely pays off. I have had a beautician recommended by my dermatologist. The treatment costs 90 euros per session, with private health insurance covering some treatments depending on the tariff. After an enzyme peeling, the back is treated with steam and then cleaned. A real game changer!

5. cornifications? Enzyme peels, fruit acid and healing earth masks are THE solution

If you have acne, you are often advised to exfoliate properly. But anyone who struggles with real lumps and pustules knows that the small peeling granules only make the whole thing worse. I personally used an enzyme peeling or a healing earth mask about once a week. However, when the skin was not totally irritated - that was different depending on the cycle phase. The dead skin cells were removed and the skin was able to regenerate. Products that I have used: Fruit acid peeling from "The Ordinary" (you can read more about the brand here) and healing earth mask from Cattier (available on Amazon or from Müller). The skin care cream from "Dermasence" (PhytoClare with Färbewaid and zinc) or the skin-clarifying serum with fruit acid was also good for my skin. You should still not do without mild moisturizers. However, creams and lotions should be oil-free - and without fragrances!

6. Diet Supplements: Turmeric, Vitamin D & Zinc

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and is also good for the intestines. Since I rarely use turmeric in food, I resorted to curcumin capsules. The effect was noticeable after 2 to 3 weeks. I am often very sloppy when it comes to taking supplements. However, I never forget about the curcumin capsules! But also ginger should not be underestimated as a miracle tuber. Ginger water or ginger tea are real detox miracles. Your skin will thank you!

Zinc is also a real wonder drug for skin and hair. An undersupply causes various skin complaints. You should therefore perhaps have a doctor check what your nutrient supply looks like. The supply of vitamin D is also incredibly important for healthy, pure skin. For a sufficient supply of antioxidants, you can treat yourself to a cup of chaga tea. It is a medicinal mushroom that contains many important nutrients and also helps your immune system. You can read more about this here.

7. Changes towels, pajamas & bed linen

To keep bacterial growth as low as possible, change your towels, pajamas and bed linen more often than you are used to. It is best to wash it at 60 degrees! You never believe it until you've tested it yourself to see the difference these seemingly "small changes" make.

8. Off to the sea! But please with proper sun protection

Salt water is of course the absolute best when it comes to acne! After the vacation, the back acne is guaranteed to go away for the time being. However, you should avoid conventional sun creams and use medical products. In a pinch, use a fat-free sunscreen that is actually intended for the face. Otherwise, you can simply ask the pharmacy for a special sunscreen for acne.

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