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8 things people do that ALWAYS smell good
8 things people do that ALWAYS smell good

The one colleague who always smells so good when she walks by … We know her secret!

8 things people do that ALWAYS smell good
8 things people do that ALWAYS smell good

We all know them: the people who enter the room and you just wonder which perfume they wear. Inevitably, one then utters one of the most beautiful compliments there is: "You smell good. What is that?" You yourself just shrug your shoulder and leave behind a fragrant cloud of scent. But how do they do it, the people who ALWAYS smell so good? There are actually a couple of useful hacks. Here are 8 things people do that we can "smell good".

1. You use laundry perfume and fabric softener

Perhaps it shouldn't be used for underwear, otherwise fabric softener is absolutely harmless. A few pellets or splashes of laundry perfume are real game changers! We can all agree on the smell of freshly washed laundry …

You can find laundry perfume on Amazon, for example:

2. People who smell good use… (oh wonder!) Perfume

This really doesn't shock you, we know that. But: There are differences when it comes to perfume. There are those perfumes that evaporate within two minutes and those that last all day and that are actually addressed to you. The latter certainly include perfumes from Chanel and Thierry Mugler, to name just a few examples. For many other perfumes you unfortunately have to invest in a small bottle to fill your favorite perfume and spray it a few times throughout the day. People who smell good put on a lot of perfume and, if in doubt, spray a few times too much on their sweaters or hair.

3. Smell good? Find the right deodorant for you …

Most people don't know which deodorant will work for them personally. For some, it may be a natural cosmetic deodorant that lasts through the day. Others may need stronger sprays or prefer a dry roll-on. Important: Try it out and stick to the deodorant that really protects against odor. Never change a winning team! Here you can read how to properly apply deodorant. And here's why aluminum-containing deodorant isn't as harmful to health as many claim.

4. Remove bacteria and odor from T-shirts and tops

It happens again and again: We put on a shirt, we sweat, we are perhaps nervous, we are under stress, sweat even more and ZACK - the smell seems to have really settled in the fibers. With some fabrics (hello polyester!) There is unfortunately no other option than to dispose of the garment. Sometimes a load of hygienic rinse, a little gall soap and a wash cycle at 60 degrees will do the trick. We show you another life hack here - remove odor with baking powder and vinegar. Works wonders! People who smell good wear perfectly and freshly washed clothes - that's for sure!

Hygiene washers are available here:

5. Not all showers are created equal …

Washing helps - what a surprise! But let me tell you one thing: people who smell good take time to shower. There is no "quick rush" here. And with Sponge or washcloth and neat shower gel, even if it's mild. Shower gel soaked in perfume is also not necessary at all. It is only important to wash spicy areas such as the armpits with an additional gadget other than your hands if you tend to have a stronger smell. The timing of the shower is also important. That is probably something that is very individual. But: People who smell good at work are very likely to have showered in the morning.

Here you get 2 in 1: Sponge with integrated shower care:

6. How is a healthy diet and body odor related?

Those who eat poorly are usually over-acidic - this has a positive or negative impact on our body odor. Alkaline foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and seeds balance our pH value. Meat, fish, dairy products and sugar are so-called acidifiers. In any case, the following applies: It's the amount that counts! But an alkaline fast is good for each of us. By the way, smoothies are a good tip for anyone who has a hard time getting their daily portion of fruit or vegetables. So people who smell good usually eat healthily and therefore have less body odor. By the way, you can check your base balance with chopsticks (using a urine test) from the pharmacy.

Cookbook tip:

7. Skin & hair: With these tips you can be particularly "smelled good"

The hair is very good at absorbing fragrances and perfumes. So quietly with him in the morning Perfume in the hair spray. As an alternative, you can also get an extra scented conditioner. Our recommendation: "Happy Happy Joy Joy" from Lush. The conditioner is ultra light, can be used after every hair wash and smells incredibly good (and long-lasting) like jasmine.

And so some Hand cream also fills the room with a bewitching scent. Once creamed, the scent lasts for at least an hour and fills the entire room. Love!

8. You smell as good as your apartment

If you have set up your wardrobe near the kitchen, you should not be surprised if the laundry smells accordingly. Better to ventilate once more than too little, avoid musty smells and possibly use a scented sachet for the wardrobe - nothing stands in the way of your scent cloud!

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