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Breaking news from the British royal family: Prince Harry & Meghan withdraw from their royal duties
Breaking news from the British royal family: Prince Harry & Meghan withdraw from their royal duties

Breaking news from the British royal family: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced on their official Instagram page that they will not only withdraw from the royal family, but also want to stand financially on their own two feet in the future.

meghan markle engagement dress
meghan markle engagement dress

The two most colorful members of the British monarchy no longer want to be high-ranking members of the royal family! Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan came back with incredible news from their six-week vacation. On their official Instagram channel, they announced that they want to lead an (almost) normal life from now on.

"After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have decided to make the transition to a progressive new role within the royal family this year," said the post. He continued, "We intend to resign as senior members of the royal family and work to become financially independent while we continue to fully support Her Majesty the Queen."

Furthermore, the new parents plan to split their time between Great Britain and North America. They want to continue to fulfill their duties to the Queen to bring the royal traditions closer to their son Archie. At the same time, however, it is important to them to be able to develop as a family in a small, private setting.

The next step is to start a new charity. The Royal Couple has not yet revealed exactly what purposes they will work for. "We look forward to sharing all of the details of this exciting next step in due course," said Harry and Meghan on Instagram.

Soon a new life for Meghan & Harry?

According to a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace, the royal family has been privy to the couple's plans, reports the BBC. The unification process is still at the very beginning: "We understand your wish to take a different approach, but these are complex issues that will take some time to deal with."

Why did Meghan & Harry let themselves be carried away by such a radical decision? While they haven't revealed their motivations yet, it is believed that it has something to do with public opinion about Meghan. In October 2019, Prince Harry commented on the daily media reports about Meghan - especially in the tabloids. "I lost my mother and now I see my wife falling victim to these same strong forces," Prince Harry said in an official statement.

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