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Why Megxit and not Haxit? The misogynist shit storm against Meghan
Why Megxit and not Haxit? The misogynist shit storm against Meghan

Since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan wanted to leave the British royal family, there has been a storm of indignation over the two - but above all, it is her who is to blame.

Why Megxit and not Haxit? The misogynist shit storm against Meghan
Why Megxit and not Haxit? The misogynist shit storm against Meghan

"Spoiled brats", "fake clowns", "scheming", "wannabe Kardashians" - these are just a few of the words that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have been given by the press in recent days. In the social networks, the names are even harder.

The reason for the abuse? The two had announced that they would be stepping down from their role as "Senior Royals", spending more time in North America and wanting to become financially independent - without wanting to neglect their duties towards Queen Elizabeth II.

However, hardly anyone accepted this wish for more privacy - as if the two were public property and had no right to their own decisions. Instead, the two were insulted as ungrateful and irresponsible.

And that, although something similar happened only a few months ago in Sweden, which did not cause a stir: some of the grandchildren of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden have recently ceased to be official members of the royal family. The children of Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip were relieved of all their duties. A decision that was enthusiastically supported by the Swedish people, while in Great Britain there has been sheer horror ever since.

Is it ALWAYS the woman's fault?

And of course the woman is to blame for the current state of emergency. As Hollywood star Rita Hayworth sang in her star role "Gilda": "Put the Blame on Mame" - blame the woman: whether earthquakes, storms or natural disasters - somehow a woman is always responsible in the song. She has "sinned" (in whatever form) - see also Adam and Eve. Or John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Or just Harry and Meghan.

Stop the misogynous clichés

This is also clearly shown by the word creation “Megxit” and not “Haxit”. After all, isn't the man mindless and completely at the mercy of the bad woman? Perhaps one can also think outside of the misogynist clichés about the “ungrateful daughter-in-law” and assume that a woman has an opinion here (and should definitely have!) And a man at her side who deals with it in a spirit of partnership? And because a man stands by his wife, she is not automatically the bad one. Apart from the fact that no one can say who really made the decision - except for the two of them.

Because there is a massive reason why Harry, in particular, could be behind it. After all, he saw his mother Diana die in a traffic accident caused by being followed by paparazzi. Which had been following her every step for many years. And the same thing happened to his wife and child - including a multitude of malicious, inflammatory and racist reports.

They wanted to free themselves from this situation and protect themselves - without significantly influencing the royal family, since Prince Harry is currently in 6th place in the line of succession and is therefore definitely not essential for maintaining the royals.

In the hours after the announcement of the "termination" alone, a wave of angry and downright hateful reports against Meghan rolled in, which can only confirm the decision of the two. In complete contrast to the relatively sparse or neutral contributions to Prince Andrew's alleged abuse of minors …

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