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Bake like the royals: Buckingham Palace shares cookie recipe
Bake like the royals: Buckingham Palace shares cookie recipe

The chefs at Buckingham Palace have presented their cookie recipes so that we can snack like the Queen this Christmas. Spoiler: The cookies are quick and easy to re-bake and are guaranteed to taste delicious!

Bake like the royals: Buckingham Palace shares biscuit recipe
Bake like the royals: Buckingham Palace shares biscuit recipe

It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth II has a sweet tooth - her wedding cake was three meters high and weighed 250 pounds, after all. She loves chocolate chip cookies, according to former Royal Family Chef Darren McGrady, and is known for "taking a little slice every day until there's a tiny piece of cake left". So it's no surprise the Queen insists on serving gingerbread cookies over the holidays, and luckily the notoriously private royal has allowed her pastry chefs to share her signature recipe.

Baking Cookies: Royal Tips

In a blog post titled "Christmas Ginger Bread Biscuits" (and a series of Instagram photos), Buckingham Palace pastry chefs walk us through the process of making biscuits, from preparation to completion. So what's the secret to a queen-size cookie dough? "It is always best to let the dough rest. So it is best to prepare the dough the night before," writes an anonymous chef on the royal family's website. "You can also roll out the dough, cut out the shapes and put in the freezer for an hour. This will keep the biscuits in good shape."

The Queen loves gingerbread cookies

In this special recipe all common ingredients for gingerbread (brown sugar, flour, ginger, butter) are used. A special blend of spices is also used - a blend that usually contains cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves or allspice. As a special feature, the royal pastry chefs make a small hole in the upper half of each biscuit so that they can be threaded with a ribbon and hung up as Christmas decorations as soon as the glaze has dried.

Which cookie cutter does the Queen love?

Fun fact: While Queen Elizabeth II prefers her cookies in the shape of hearts, stars, and bells, gingerbread men can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth I. The 16th-century monarch was known for her elaborate dinners, in which a royal gingerbread maker was commissioned to bake cookies modeled on foreign dignitaries and people from her own ranks.

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