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What became of Meghan Markle?
What became of Meghan Markle?

Gone are the days when the reports about Meghan Markle rolled over every day. Now, after a long pause, she has spoken out.

Meghan Markle: Before and after the wedding
Meghan Markle: Before and after the wedding

"Does Meghan Markle want to become president?", "That's why Prince Harry fell in love with Meghan", "Does Meghan Markle owe the Queen?", "We can also afford these Meghan Markle shoes", "Meghan's pasta recipe Markle is brilliant "- the headlines around the Kurzzeit-Royal were almost every day up until a year ago. And admittedly, we in the editorial team are also a bit addicted to the Meghan obsession. After all, the fairy tale of the actress who marries a real prince and also moves him to leave the palace and white mold behind is pretty awesome.

Since her resignation from the British royal family in January 2020 and the move to Los Angeles, California, things have been quiet about Meghan Markle and her small family. On the other side of the ocean, they have since led a life without a castle, without a royal title, without royal rules and without the reproving gaze of the Queen. Only in November did the 39-year-old sit up and take notice with an essay in which she spoke openly and relentlessly about the miscarriage of her second child.

First appearance in months

But now Meghan and Harry could be seen again after months. On February 8th, the couple joined in, beaming and in a good mood, via video call at "Get Lit", a poetry workshop for teenagers.

The two royal dropouts showed great interest in the work of the class. But what really stood out was how beaming and happy the two looked. Harry seems to have been enjoying the California sun lately and looked almost tanned by British standards. Meghan, in turn, was relaxed - of course with an open whale mane.

What are Meghan and Harry doing in America?

How does the couple finance their new lifestyle?Vanity Fair magazine claims to have received information that Meghan is considering writing an autobiography. "Meghan has some very serious deals on the table," said an insider. Experts estimate that one book could make them several million dollars. Acting offers would also increase. The ducal couple is said to have concluded a 126 million euro deal with Netflix. The Sussexes' multi-year contract with the streaming service will include documentaries, films, shows and children's programs.

The royal family is anything but amused about Meghan and Harry's ambitions to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry. The tabloid media sense a new dispute among the royals. Among other things, the Münchner Abendzeitung speculated that the Netflix deal could be the reason for the radio silence. After all, the renegade royals did not publicly congratulate Charles on his 72nd birthday.

We just firmly believe that the British royals will continue to support Meghan and Harry and we look forward to seeing the couple so happy and relaxed. We are especially looking forward to an upcoming performance - almost like in the old days: Together with US talk show host James Corden, Prince Harry recently dashed through Hollywood to shoot a new edition of the popular "Carpool Karaoke". Superstars like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber have already taken part and trilled their way through their favorite hits. It is not yet known which title Harry has chosen. We're guessing Elton John …

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