This is how you can get stains out of your white sneakers
This is how you can get stains out of your white sneakers

With these simple tricks you can get annoying stains out of your white sneakers and you don't even have to put them in the washing machine!

This is how you can get stains out of your white sneakers
This is how you can get stains out of your white sneakers

I have to admit, I'm the kind of person who has owned white vans for four years and they still look like new. So new, in fact, that every time I wear it, I'm asked whether I've just bought it. Well, that's because I have a bad "white-shoes-have-to-be-white" fetish and so every time I come home I scrub my shoes meticulously as if there was no tomorrow. Call me crazy!

So that your shoes are always shiny and shiny and look like new ones, I reveal my best tips for shoe care.


White nail polish against cracks and scratches

As soon as a small scratch becomes noticeable on the surface of your beautiful sneaker, treat it with white nail polish and it is gone.


Eraser for white leather or vinegar against stubborn stains

There are many stain removers available. Erasers are of course best, as they work on and "erase" the stain without damaging the material in the long term. But if you don't always have something like this at hand, you can work on the stain with vinegar and a little baking soda. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of vinegar and work lightly into the stain. Let it work in for a short time and rinse with lukewarm water.


Toothbrush for hard-to-reach places

If the stain is in a place that is difficult to work with a cloth or eraser, you can also use a toothbrush.


Oil stain shampoo

Something can easily fall on your shoes while eating. If that happens, the stain should be treated with a ph-neutral shampoo, lukewarm shampoo and a toothbrush. Alternatively, you can also use detergent.


Use bleach in an emergency

If the stain does not come out and all resources have been used up, you can also use bleach, but only in diluted quantities, otherwise the fabric or leather will turn yellow. Then always rinse the area with lukewarm water.


Put shoelaces in water overnight

Shoelaces shouldn't be put in the washing machine as they'll be deformed and maybe too short. It is best to soak them in a water-baking-soda-vinegar solution overnight and if that doesn't help, then soak them in bleach and water.


Never wash sneakers in the washing machine

This is a huge no-go, as spinning the machine not only damages the material in the long term, but also completely deforms the shoes.

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