Correctly walking on high heels - tricks
Correctly walking on high heels - tricks

You look elegant, feminine and walk nicely. Unless you're stalking like a stork. We'll tell you how to rock your high heels!

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Tips: Go on high heels
Tips: Go on high heels

Every woman has them - if only buried somewhere in the closet: high heels. A feast for the eyes, they also enhance almost every outfit and visually lengthen our legs. We are convinced: Not only diamonds, but also high heels are girls' best friends. But walking on it is sometimes difficult, especially if the heel is extremely high or very thin. Here are 5 tips that will make walking on heels easier for you.


Watch your heel

When we go barefoot or with our favorite sneakers, we mostly shift our weight onto the balls of our feet. But it should be different with heels: mainly walk over the heel. This ensures that your upper body doesn't fall forward and you don't look like Quasimodo in stilettos.

No more sore feet!
No more sore feet!

Be self-confident

Put your heels in scene with a confident walk. Don't make yourself small, show yourself! And show yourself LOVELY. That automatically makes you more attractive. Both for yourself and for the opposite sex. Because men find self-confident women extremely attractive!


Wiggle your hip

Bring something going! Use your hips to swing gently but firmly from right to left. Exaggerate a little! Shifting your weight will help you get an upright, feminine gait and of course to look sexy.


Choose the right paragraph

The correct heel height is essential, especially for beginners. Here are the best models for practicing: The block heel: a particularly wide area ensures more stability when stepping on. Kitten-Heel: is thin, but never higher than 5cm. Plateau: favors a more horizontal position of the foot, which means that you do not stand so unnaturally obliquely in the shoe.

high heels
high heels

This makes high heels more comfortable


Practice, practice, practice

Don't overdo it and go hiking in heels. It is best to carry it on smaller trips, such as when going to the bakery or the supermarket. Our favorite location to practice: At home with loud music. You are more self-confident and relaxed. Little extra: it's great fun!

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