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4 good reasons why you should tie a friendship bracelet again
4 good reasons why you should tie a friendship bracelet again

Do you remember the colorful, self-made ribbons that people wore until they were only held together by a fraction of a thread? We urge you to tie a friendship bracelet again!

friendship bracelets
friendship bracelets

The fact that we are all sitting at home has opened up a new world: the world of hobbies that we haven't thought of for years. And that's probably why something happened to me that many would rather keep quiet than shout out into the world: I had the same idea as my mother-in-law. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother-in-law, but what does it say about me that I get inspiration from the same Facebook craft videos? It hit both of us - independently of one another! - like an enlightenment and we knew we had to tie friendship bracelets right away.

Well, then she didn't take the step towards execution. However, I immediately found embroidery floss and (after watching a few tutorials) started immediately. How could I have forgotten all these years that it is so much fun to tie strings together over and over again? It almost put me in a trance, my fingers worked by themselves and the podcast ran down my ear canal like butter!

Are you still not convinced?

I have 4 good reasons for you & a guide so you can get started right away:

What you need for a friendship bracelet:

  • Embroidery thread - at least 3 colors (more is always possible!)
  • 1 safety pin
  • duct tape

Getting started is easy …

Not all of us are craftspeople. But linking two threads together - everyone can do it! Sure, at the beginning you have to adjust the threads to guarantee the perfect length and sequence of the ribbon, but when the knotting starts, you quickly develop a rhythm.

… and cheap

A pack of embroidery thread (10 meters each) costs little more than two euros in specialist shops (also available online). So if you choose three colors and cut about 1.5 meters from each one, you will get about seven bracelets for those six euros. Good value for money, we would say!

Increase is possible:

That the first tapes will likely look a bit blurred is okay and part of the process! But as soon as your fingers have touched the chevron pattern almost by themselves, you can start looking for more complicated patterns. Hearts, waves, diamonds … there are no limits to what you can imagine!

With this video I got back into the world of knotting:

Just order the yarn quickly and get started!

Giving is a pleasure

Yes, your friends will be happy after the quarantine if you give them a friendship bracelet just like that - even if they may not be wearing it. Believe me!

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