6 reasons why black cycling shorts are the best shorts of the summer
6 reasons why black cycling shorts are the best shorts of the summer

They are comfortable, stylish and can be combined very well: Black cycling shorts are the summer version of classic leggings & we love them very much.

cycling shorts black
cycling shorts black

I never thought that I would write the following down, but there is nothing I can do - my cycling shorts just knocked me off my stool, wrapped me around my finger and no longer released me from their spell. These are very grandiose words for simple trousers. But recently I spent a whole weekend in the new, black shorts and it was wonderful!

Why hadn't I thought about getting cycling shorts until now? Because I have quite strong thighs and until now I had only associated this look with slim models. Stupid thought, that's clear. But now I know better and am ready to convince all the other skeptics too:

She is comfortable:

As I said - cycling shorts are the leggings of summer (you can read my ode to leggings here!). And there is nothing more comfortable than a tight but soft piece of fabric that doesn't restrict you with every movement.

It stays in place:

Airy is good, but sometimes you pay too high a price for those cool little legs: the pants slide up, the thighs rub against each other and we don't even want to start with the creases in linen shorts! Cycling shorts may not be so air-permeable, but they don't move a millimeter from the spot.

It suits every situation:

I had my biker shorts with me on a short trip where a mixture of hiking and chilling was planned. In both cases, the pants performed superbly. At home I wore them with a cozy sweater for that certain pajama feeling. And on the mountain I combined them with a sports top and hiking boots. If an evening out had also been planned (it wasn't due to the corona!), I would have worn my shorts under a T-shirt dress and with a belt.

Too short…? Does not matter

There are such tops that you simply do not know how to combine, because they are a.) Too short for a dress and b.) Too long for a "normal" T-shirt. But that doesn't matter with cycling shorts: As long as your bottom remains covered, everything is fine.

It fits in every suitcase:

Yes, you can roll up these pants or even squeeze them into the last free gap, because they don't crease!

It emphasizes your curves:

… especially if you don’t buy jersey cycling shorts, but dedicated sports shorts! Because they have enough stretch to remain extremely comfortable, but are still opaque. And the built-in lifting shouldn't be underestimated either! Girls who want to present their curves in the right light benefit from this.

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