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How often do I * really * have to wash my bra?
How often do I * really * have to wash my bra?

Hand on heart - when was the last time you washed your bra? Probably longer than you'd like to admit …

How often do I * really * have to wash my bra?
How often do I * really * have to wash my bra?

Did you put your bra on for what felt like the twenty-seventh time in a row this morning? A few things you should know …

1. You should wash your bra at least once a week

If you wear your bra longer, a lot of dirt, oil, sweat and bacteria can accumulate in it … örgs …

2. … actually more often …

The closer something is to our body, the more often we should wash it. Therefore, bras should actually be washed after being worn three times. If you are sweating profusely, it is better to do it every day.

3. It depends on which bra you wear

Sports bras should be washed after each use as you typically sweat a lot more while exercising.

4. Bras are a real hotbed of horror …

We like to ignore it when it comes to our bras, but our bodies excrete a lot into our favorite bras. A list:

  • Sweat
  • dirt
  • bacteria
  • oil
  • suncream
  • (Yeast) mushrooms
  • Microbiota

Everything completely normal, but if you give them such a perfect breeding ground and let them gain the upper hand, the whole thing can turn out disgusting …

5th keyword: dead skin cells

Something else that should be on the list: dead skin. According to studies, the body produces a billion of these dead scales every day. Some of them are sure to end up in your bra too …

6. These are the side effects

A moist environment, skin to skin - our breasts (wedged into bras) are the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections and acne. Women with larger breasts are particularly at risk. So always wash your bra well - and / or get this ingenious invention!

7. How to wash your bra properly

It is best to wash your bras by hand, lukewarm and with little detergent for sensitive skin. Then rinse with cold water. You don't want to go without machine washing. How to do it right:

  1. Use a laundry bag and close your bra beforehand
  2. Sort bras by color
  3. Do not wash over 30 degrees
  4. Select detergent for fine fabrics and a light wash cycle

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