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7 physical signs that you are more stressed than you think you are
7 physical signs that you are more stressed than you think you are

Our bodies are pretty clever and actually show us exactly what is good for us and what is not. This is also the case when we are stressed and overworked. 7 signs you should shift down a gear

Stress & Depression: Physical signs that you are more stressed than you think
Stress & Depression: Physical signs that you are more stressed than you think

We are completely fascinated by what our body is capable of. We can survive incredible pain during childbirth, wounds heal as if by themselves and in general we produce millions of new cells every day. In addition, our body knows exactly when we are overworked or too stressed.

Almost 40 percent of all Austrians feel significantly impaired by stress at work, 25 percent do not even come to rest in their free time. A quarter of the working population is at risk of burnout. This was the result of a study by Allianz from 2017. No rosy numbers …

All the stress manifests itself in psychological as well as physical signs. We have summarized 7 signs our body uses to tell us to finally take down a gear …

7 signs you're too stressed out

1. You have constant headaches

Your head throbbing all day? It could be stress-induced headaches or migraines. Migraines and headaches are more common when you are stressed. What can you do about it? Not much besides living a more stress-free life. But if you see twice or even have a fever - go to the doctor with you immediately!

2. You have stomach or intestinal problems

The bowel is often the first place where symptoms of stress or restlessness spread. The brain has a direct effect on the stomach and innards. In this way, stress can control the production of stomach acid. The result? Gastritis, gas, and nausea.

3. You are constantly thirsty

When you're stressed, drinking more can help. If you are dehydrated, the cortisol levels in the body rise, which in turn is a stress hormone.

4. You have strange dreams and sleep badly

Stress also affects the quality of sleep. Cortisol, the stress hormone, keeps us awake and makes it difficult for us to calm down. Also, stress can lead to nightmares.

5. You sweat - a lot

Yes, everyone sweats, but stress sweat is another house number that is even produced elsewhere - in the apocrine glands. No deodorant will help. Rather, the root has to be dealt with. And that is the eternal stress. Exercise, mediation, or therapy are all ways to minimize stress.

6. One word: hair loss

Do you find more and more hair in your brush? This could be a sign of stress. The hair loss does not have to be permanent. Reducing stress can help!

7. You don't enjoy anything anymore …

Suddenly you no longer enjoy things that you used to love? You no longer do sports, you no longer want to meet up with friends or even leave the house? In addition to being stressed, you could be suffering from full blown depression. Depression is closely related to long-term stress, studies have found. The stress hormones could inhibit our happiness hormones and take away our joy. If you feel bad, don't be afraid to seek help - even if it is from friends and family!

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