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Hailey Bieber had not one, but 10 hand tattoos
Hailey Bieber had not one, but 10 hand tattoos
hailey bieber makeup
hailey bieber makeup

When my grandma says again at the next tattoo: "But that was the last one, wasn't it?" I'll just refer to the title of this article. Because if Hailey Bieber can get ten tattoos at the same time, one of them will be okay from time to time!

The tattoos were engraved (or is it considered a tattoo arrangement because they were all created at the same time ??) by star tattoo artist Dr. Woo. He is known for his photo-realistic style, which he always does with a hair-thin needle.

To be honest, I'm pretty jealous of the beautiful work and am already thinking about hand tattoos. But since I know that this spot makes the tattoos look pretty old after a relatively short time, I probably hold back …

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