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The ultimate adult checklist to get your life on track
The ultimate adult checklist to get your life on track

Long over 20 and still not really grown up? This checklist will help you stop procrastinating and get your life back on track!

This to-do list will help you finally get your life under control
This to-do list will help you finally get your life under control

Mammography, dental appointments, budget planning for the coming year - these things aren't really fun, we admit. That's exactly why we put it off for so long. But stop letting the mountain of tasks grow and finally work it off.

This is how you bring organization back into your life

You might be thinking, "Where do I even start?" All of these uncomfortable adult responsibilities can be incredibly daunting. That is why we have put together a list so that you can tackle everything one by one, step by step. So dust off your big girl pants and finally start acting like an adult. You can do it!

1. Health

Hardly anyone likes going to a doctor. Nobody thinks "Leiwand, finally a dentist again!" As uncomfortable as such checks can be, it is important not to let them pass year after year. So get on the phone, make the most important check-ups and write them down in red on your calendar. It's about your health!

You have to think about these dates:

  • Oral hygiene / tooth control
  • annual eye exam
  • gynecological check-up
  • Birthmark Control

2. Finances

You haven't checked your account in the last few months? In order to become financially independent and also to be well positioned financially, it is important to think long-term. The more precisely you set your financial goals, the less stressful you will be with money. What you can do? Have a budget system in place. Take a close look at what you earn, what you spend each month, whether you have debts and how you can best pay them off. What do you want or have to afford in the near future?

3. Career

It is easy to get entangled in everyday life and forget to concern yourself with your own career goals. Even (supposedly unimportant) little things can make the difference. For example, update your LinkedIn profile regularly! It is important that your resume and website are always up to date and reflect you properly. You never know who might stumble upon your information. So make sure they see all of the amazing things that you have achieved in the past.

Another important step is to finally meet with all those contacts with whom you have wanted to go for a coffee for a long time. Yes, it's kind of nice to be in a routine and get comfortable in your career, but there are always people to learn from. Networking has never been overrated.

4. Lifestyle

And now get on with the personal. What do you want to change? Maybe you should cook more healthily again? During college and lockdown times, it was acceptable to reheat ramen noodles in the microwave every evening, but to be honest, you can't do that any longer. For example, try making a new dish each week or just learning how to make five decent meals. That would be a start.

Do you drink alcohol regularly? Ask yourself: Am I consuming a "healthy" amount? Or should I better hold back again?

Did you fall out with someone Let go of your grudges and work to forgive the people in your life!

Is your passport going to expire soon? Renew it before it gets stressful. The same applies to various contracts.

Finally, establish one (or more) mental health goals that you actually want to stick to in the future. Even if you start small, it can have a huge impact. For example, promise yourself to be a little nicer to yourself!

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