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10 tricks to keep your hair looking shiny & healthy
10 tricks to keep your hair looking shiny & healthy

Shiny and healthy hair? Our dream! But styling tools, environmental influences and bleach often thwart our plans. 10 tips!

10 tricks to keep your hair looking shiny & healthy!
10 tricks to keep your hair looking shiny & healthy!

Raise your hand if you want shiny, healthier-looking hair. All? Yes … we thought so. Daily contact with environmental influences, hair styling products, straightening irons, hair dryers and the like can affect the health and thus the shine of our hair. And our natural hair texture and color can also have an impact on how shiny our mane looks. But there is really a hair care and hair styling product for everyone that takes our strands to the next megawatt level. 10 Tips For The Shinest Hair EVER.

10 tips and tricks for healthy & shiny hair

1. Wash your hair - the right way

For really healthy looking hair, it is essential to wash your hair TWICE. Also important: a little massage while washing your hair. This helps to increase blood circulation. This is good for the hair roots. At the same time, you should be careful and gentle with your hair when washing.

2. Watch out for harmful ingredients

Sulphates remove natural oils from our hair. This can make the hair look less shiny, especially if your hair is colored. Try using apple cider vinegar as a hair conditioner!

3. Shine sprays? Better take oil

The shine sprays in the drugstore often use mica, a mineral that makes your hair shine for a short time. In the long run, however, it is much more likely to rough up your hair structure. Use oils like argan oil that not only make our mane shine, but also strengthen it in the long term.

4. Massage the scalp with vitamin E

Vitamins can also be applied externally. So get yourself a dose of vitamin E capsules, squeeze out the oil and massage it into your scalp before washing your hair. Vitamin E strengthens and nourishes the hair and is even said to stimulate hair growth.

5. Use a boar bristle brush

The stiff bristles take the oils from the roots down to the tips and leave a natural shine. The brush also gives volume. Win win.

6. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids

… or take them in capsule form. Studies have found that omega-3s make hair shiny. Here you can find out which foods contain it: Table: These are foods with a high omega-3 content

7. A glossing hair treatment

Glosses are now also available for at home and they work like a hair mask. Glosses seal the hair structure like a primer and make the hair look shinier. Too lazy? Go to the hairdresser you trust and let yourself be welcomed.

8. Leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner, a hair conditioner that you don't have to wash out, is particularly helpful for thick, long, or curly hair.

9. Use heat protection

Heat protection is not an unnecessary invention of the hair lobby, but really essential to protect your hair from excessive heat while styling. Heat tools remove a great deal of moisture from your hair, and the heat protection acts like a barrier between the styling tool and hair.

10. Healthier hair while you sleep

Use a silk pillow or cover. Why? We explain HERE.

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