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Sun protection for kids: According to consumer protection, the best protection is also the cheapest
Sun protection for kids: According to consumer protection, the best protection is also the cheapest

Expensive = better? In this case not! Because consumer protection has tested 16 sun creams for children's skin. And the best results produced the cheapest products!

sun protection children
sun protection children

The perfect sun cream or lotion for their own kids - that's what parents look for year after year. Because when it comes to protecting your own little ones, nothing can be too expensive, right? In the case of the current test by the Association for Consumer Information, even worried parents can leave the wallet stuck. Or you just have to open the coin compartment. Because of the 16 sunscreens for children tested, the own brands performed best - and they are known to be (much) cheaper than the well-known brands.

The following were tested:

  • Avène: Eau Thermale children's sun spray
  • Bübchen: Sensitive sun lotion
  • Cetaphil: Sun Kids Liposomal Lotion
  • dm Sundance: Kids Sensitive Sun Milk
  • Eco Cosmetics: Baby & Kids Neutral sun cream for very sensitive skin
  • Eucerin: Sensitive Protect Kids Sun Lotion
  • Garnier: Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Expert + Anti-Sand Spray
  • Hipp: Baby-soft children's sun spray, ultra-sensitive
  • Hofer: Ombra Kids Sun Milk 50 AND 50+
  • Ladival: Sun protection spray for children
  • La Roche-Posay: Anthelios Dermo-Kids Wet Skin Gel
  • Lidl: Cien Sun Kids sunscreen
  • Müller: Lavozon Kids Med sun milk
  • Nivea: Sun Kids protection & care sun spray
  • Saving: Sun Kiss Junior sun milk
  • Weleda: Baby & Kids Sun Edelweiss Sensitive Sun Milk

The best marks were given to the following products: "Ombra Kids Sun Milk" from Hofer, "Cien Sun Kids Sun Cream" from Lidl and "Sun Kiss Junior Sun Milk" from Spar. All three are own brands, priced between 2 and 3.5 euros. So they are also the cheapest products on the list.

The most expensive product, on the other hand ("Baby & Kids Neutral Sun Cream for Very Sensitive Skin" from Eco Cosmetics) ended up in last place and was rated "unsatisfactory", as it did not offer sufficient protection against UVA rays.

Controversial UV filter

The test also emphasized that consumers shouldn't blindly rely on the "waterproof" label. After swimming and rubbing dry, it is better to apply lotion again to the child, and long-sleeved clothing as additional protection was highly recommended.

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