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No more pimples from sunscreen! These products won't clog your pores
No more pimples from sunscreen! These products won't clog your pores

Tired of blackheads and pimples on your face or cleavage as soon as you put on sunscreen? We tested light, non-greasy products for the face.

No more pimples from sunscreen! These products won't clog your pores
No more pimples from sunscreen! These products won't clog your pores

Sensitive skin is really not a blessing, we speak from experience. Sun allergies, razor bumps, and a strict nursing regime: we could fill books with them. While we have already found one or the other solution for most of the small problems (for example salicylic acid as the holy grail of our routine or minimalist skin care), the summer months and the associated UV protection were a horror. The reason?

The skin of the face is a tad more sensitive than the rest. And we are real face sweaters. Light breast sweat? A few droplets on the tailbone? No. No way. Not a very good combination in combination with sun and sunscreen - so pimples and blackheads are inevitable in the summer months. No wonder - the sun creams that are usually much too rich and that are not tailored to the skin type really clog the pores. Also smear sunscreen on your face? Not a good idea. So we were looking for good products that wouldn't clog our skin. Because: Sun protection is actually a must all year round. Forget all anti-aging products - wrinkles and pigment spots are guaranteed to occur without sun protection.

Impure skin in summer - these products can do it

Sun cream for blemished skin - from the pharmacy

After years of searching, we've finally found a few favorites: For example, the Idéal Soleil anti-imperfection sun care from Vichy. It's specially designed for the face, has an SPF 30 and is light enough to even be worn under make-up. With salicylic acid, she also tackles pimples and blackheads.

What is also practical: With its 50ml, the cream even fits in hand luggage. Regular care costs 21 euros - but there are always offers on the Internet and in various pharmacies (WOMAN SOMMER SHOPPING is approaching * cough *). And it was worth every penny. The lotion has a mattifying effect, feels very light on the skin and does not clog the pores. Even after multiple applications you don't have the feeling of being covered up.

Another product that we can recommend to you is this "Photoderm Spot" cream from Bioderma (SPF 50). Prevents pigment spots and offers particularly high protection. Also suitable for scars! Extra light texture and high protection, without fragrances - is also suitable for daily care routine.

Sunscreen for oily and blemished skin - available online

We can also provide you with the Day cream "Clear" with SPF 30 from Paula's Choice recommend. The light lotion is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a great glow! The day cream, which was specially developed for blemished and oily skin, goes all year round - we wear it regularly under the foundation. Has a proud price of 39 euros - but it definitely pays off!

Sunscreen for the face - good products from the drugstore

We also struck gold in the drugstore. We noticed two products especially for sensitive skin (without fragrances) and a light texture: "UV Face Sensitive" from Nivea Sunwith an SPF of 50 is a solid product that can easily be worn under makeup all year round. And also a sunscreen from Garnier can keep up with all the products: The "Sensitive Expert + Face" has a non-greasy, very light texture and is perfect for sensitive, impure skin.

By the way: who with Body acne (Back or décolleté) should use the facial products in these areas as well.

Otherwise, the following also applies in summer:

Make-up removal and thorough cleaning are mandatory, especially in summer! Sebum, dirt, sunscreen, make-up - everything has to go down before going to sleep. A facial toner can also help. You can also cleanse quickly with a facial tissue or spray after exercising or sweating excessively. Even double care does not do any harm: simply apply the sunscreen over the usual, but absolutely light, moisturizing cream. So if the worst comes to the worst, you are doubly protected against skin blemishes!

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