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Sun protection in autumn & winter? Yes! And please don't forget any more
Sun protection in autumn & winter? Yes! And please don't forget any more

Winter, cold, gloomy weather: Bet that you are currently doing without the necessary sun protection even though the sun is still shining strongly?

autumn winter sun protection
autumn winter sun protection

Many people suffer from melasma (one of our editors reported about it here). That sounds terrible now, but it's not contagious, it's a purely cosmetic problem: dark pigmentation on the face, spots that can be caused by hormonal imbalances or too much UV light.

The reason: The renouncement of sun protection. In summer: Okay. A 30 UV protection, that has to be. But in winter? Don't even think about it. It's bad weather anyway, cold and often dark too …

Our editor used cosmetic methods to fight her pigment spots. But her dermatologist finally opened her eyes - and we learn from it: Sun protection is a must. ALWAYS. Regardless of whether it is cold, warm, hazy, humid, cloudy or damp.

Why sun protection is also important in autumn and winter:

The sun still has plenty of power even in winter and in icy temperatures. And not just in the mountains and on the ski slopes, but also in the city. We're not even safe from UV rays inside - they can even get through window or car windows.

The damage: from pigment spots to light-induced skin aging - wrinkles! - and in the worst case even skin cancer. The skin cells “memorize” every sunburn. The UVA and UVB rays form free radicals in the skin that cause it to age.

Which sun protection factor do I need in autumn and winter?

Even if you don't spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air, you should apply some lotion. People with a fair complexion are best to always use at least SPF 30. For darker complexions, a day care product with SPF 20 is sufficient - but then don't save on application, but spread a decent layer on the face. If you already have sun damage, you play it safe with SPF 50.

Why do I need extra sun protection on the ski slopes?

Anyone who is out and about on the ski slopes definitely needs sun protection factor 50 plus sun blocker for lips and nose, because the snow reflects the sun even more. The same applies of course to snow walks, tobogganing and ice skating!

In the end, the motto is: the more sensitive the skin, the more important sun protection is. But people with a much darker complexion also benefit from the additional protective layer! Anyone who integrates creaming into their usual morning routine will soon no longer think about it. Otherwise, simply place the sunscreen in the bathroom so that you do not forget it before outdoor activities.

Those who also do a good job of lubricating themselves act like a good role model for their own children, who will hopefully also take this with them into their adult lives.

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