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6 cute & not bland ways to tie your scarf
6 cute & not bland ways to tie your scarf

The good thing about the cool season? We can finally wrap ourselves up in soft, cuddly scarves again. The accessory is also incredibly versatile - 6 cool ideas for tying a scarf.

6 cute & not bland ways to tie your scarf!
6 cute & not bland ways to tie your scarf!

When the temperatures cool down and we reach for this cute fall jacket, we officially begin to prepare for the cuddle season. Hats, scarves, gloves. Although scarves are used to keep the neck warm, they are not just an accessory in cold weather. Like a statement piece of jewelry, a scarf can add a touch of color to an outfit or add a touch of chic to a combination of t-shirt and jeans. However you wear the scarf, it is a versatile accessory that can be worn in many different ways.

From the classic look over the shoulder, which automatically gives your ensemble an additional dimension, to sophisticated side knots, each type of tie gives your general mood and look a different note. But in case you're a bit like us and tie your scarf the same way over and over again, here are some cute, unique ways to tie a scarf. These scarf options come straight from this year's catwalks and are worn by some of our favorite celebrities - so you're sure to be on trend with these looks. So - get on with new ties.;-)

Instructions: 6 Cool & Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

1. Elegant half bow

Ashley Graham at the TOMMYNOW Fashion Show goes all out with a hat and scarf!

2. Thrown over

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You take a statement scarf and throw it back loosely - like Bella Hadid with Marc Jacobs.

3. Very classic

But it also works in a very minimal and classic way. Wrapped around your neck once is probably the most typical way to tie a scarf. For reasons.

4. Knotted on the side

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A simple, side knot like here at Lanvin also looks great!

5. Double knot

Are you annoyed by long scarf ends that run over your shoulder or chest? Simply double-knot your scarf and tuck the ends into the loop.

6. Just over your shoulder

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Cool and undone. This type works particularly well with really thick knitted scarves - you don't have to worry about them flying off your shoulder again.

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