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No more bad hair day! We'll show you the hottest cloth styles
No more bad hair day! We'll show you the hottest cloth styles

Our favorite accessory of the season? Definitely silk scarves! Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful looks. Plus: We'll show you how to tie a turban.

Hair towels style
Hair towels style

In keeping with the warm season, we need airy, casual hairstyles! A silk scarf in your hair and you give your look a summery upgrade. The best: The styles are made for messy beach hair! No time to wash your hair? No problem either. You can wear the scarves in an incredibly versatile way: twisted around a ponytail or bun, woven into a plait, as a turban or tied as a pirate scarf … the possibilities are endless. Plus: We'll show you how to tie a turban.

Braided hairstyle

Photographer Michelle Palsson Horvath weaves a thin, colorful scarf into her natural blonde waves. A real eye catcher!


Model Joan Smalls in a gypsy look: beautiful curls, big hoops and a colorful scarf. You could style it with a boho dress (find inspiration here!), Or make a style break like Joan: She combines a white, not at all hippie-like oversized t-shirt.

Has the gypsy trend conquered the model world? Elsa Hosk does it like her colleague Joan Smalls: headscarf, hoop earrings and waves.

Messy bun

Influencer Ela Sesil ties a broadly folded cloth in her messy bun. (This is how the perfect messy bun works, by the way!) Cool: Layered gold jewelry. Here from the sustainable Austro brand Bruna the Label.


Model Candice Swanepoel with a turban! How cool! The look exudes a real retro flair - after all, it was already worn by icons such as Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren in the 1960s.

But how do you tie a turban? It's definitely not as difficult as it looks at first glance. First you fold the scarf into a triangle and place it around your head - the longer side at the back of your head. Then you take the ends forward, cross them and now lead them towards the neck, where you finally tie them together and hide them in the "hood". The tip of the triangle (in front) is also hidden.

Here is a video from the German Youtuber Maya Reckgert - she shows us four different turban styles:


Influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze embellishes a classic bun with an orange bandana.

Pirate style

Influencer Amaka Hamelinjck clings to her scarf with two cute, matching clips. Nothing is guaranteed to slip. How do you tie the so-called pirate style? Simply fold the square cloth in the middle to form a triangle. Unlike a turban, the longer side is placed on the forehead and the two ends are tied together at the back of the head. Easy!

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