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What will become of Karl Lagerfeld's house cat Choupette?
What will become of Karl Lagerfeld's house cat Choupette?

Karl Lagerfeld died at the age of 85. He left behind his beloved Birman cat Choupette, who even has her own Instagram account. What happens to the cat now?

choupette karl lagerfeld
choupette karl lagerfeld

The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died at the age of 85. In doing so, he not only leaves a large void in the fashion scene, which he has significantly influenced and helped to shape, but also in the life of those around him. But while most of the bereaved can find each other with grief, there is still someone who cannot put all this into words: Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's house cat.

There is hardly any other pet that is as well known as the white Birman cat. After all, she has over 127,000 followers on Instagram and there is also quite a bit of posting. And Karl Lagerfeld always openly discussed his love for the animal. Therefore, the question arises all the more: what will happen to Choupette now? Has her master left everything to her? Should she live alone in his apartment, like Rudolph Moshammer's dog back then? Or does she even move to some celebrity?

Probably none of these options. Because unlike Moshammer, Lagerfeld never announced that his Choupette would inherit everything. In fact, in an interview with Bunte, he said that he hoped Choupette would live as long as he did. Or he as long as Choupette.

First rental cat, then heart cat

Choupette was born in 2011; so she is almost 8 years old today. It actually belonged to Baptiste Giabiconi, a French model. But he gave the cat to Lagerfeld after the latter had taken care of Choupette a few times. Apparently the love was so great from the beginning that the two could not live separately.

In 2012, Choupette began to "model". She was the muse for an exclusive capsule collection that was launched in 2013. This also included black and white accessories in the typical cat shape. The beauty brand Shue Uemura dedicated a make-up collection to her in 2014. And of course she was featured in fashion magazines.

Her everyday life with cat father Karl Lagerfeld wasn't exactly typical for a house cat either. In the same interview with Bunte, the fashion designer said that Choupette drinks her water from a silver cup and that she sometimes gets croquettes to eat. She also loves to play with a toy from Fendi.

A cat of such prestige will certainly not be deported to an animal shelter. Perhaps the original owner, Baptiste Giabiconi, will take it back to himself …

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