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Overcoming loneliness: 11 things you can do
Overcoming loneliness: 11 things you can do

If you are lonely, you feel bad. In the long run, loneliness can even trigger depression. What can you do to get over this feeling?


Almost all of us know the feeling of stinging loneliness. It's all natural. Especially after moving, changing jobs or separating. But the Corona crisis is also causing a lot of trouble for many people living alone. And otherwise: Sometimes this feeling gets out of hand. So, if you find yourself feeling lonely a lot, it might be a good idea to change your lifestyle. Tapping into social contacts and looking for hobbies are just two of the methods that can help you cope better with being alone.

These tips will help you overcome loneliness and become happy again:

11 things that can help against loneliness

1. Call someone

Loneliness goes away faster when you talk to someone. Try to make calls at least once a day. Hearing a friendly voice on the other end gives courage to bad thoughts.

By the way: Click here for the Corona worry hotline. You can reach the general telephone pastoral care at 142.

2. Go out to eat or have coffee with friends

Such a date gives you something to look forward to. Also, spending time with loved ones is the best remedy for loneliness.

3. Register in a club

Do you feel lonely because you don't have a lot of social contacts? Making friends as an adult is admittedly not that easy. (HERE we have tips for you.) However, clubs or groups that you join have proven to be particularly effective. Common hobbies connect namely. Do you enjoy reading? Try a book club. Do you like to go hiking? Register with the Friends of Nature. The goal is to be in contact with the same people every week.

4. Make a list

What do you like to do? What do you enjoy? Consciously do at least two things a day that bring you joy.

5. DIY projects

A beautiful home makes you happy - and you automatically feel more comfortable. Repaint your living room, try a little DIY project, or paint a picture. Make your apartment your "happy place".

6. Get out of the house

Even so, you shouldn't bury yourself in your four walls. Go for a walk, jog or go for a spin on your scooter. Those who are away from home are much more likely to come into contact with others - even if it's just a "hello".

7. Exercise

Sport releases happiness hormones - and brings routine. Even if you may not be able to imagine it now - a little movement allows you to see many things more clearly and more positively. Try it!

8. Think positive

Simply put, we know. Nevertheless, remind yourself daily that you will overcome this difficult phase and afterwards you will feel better than ever. Think of other things that you have already achieved and be proud of yourself!

9. Everything will pass

Loneliness can be overcome and does not have to be permanent. Always keep that in mind.

10. Voluntary work

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends. At the same time, you can do good to other people and learn new things in the process. The possibilities are endless. Find out what offers are available in your area - or just ask your older neighbor if you can help her with the shopping!

11. Seek professional help

Your loneliness just doesn't want to and won't pass? Contact a hotline or contact a therapist. Self-help groups can also help.

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