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With these Ikea hacks you can upgrade cheap furniture
With these Ikea hacks you can upgrade cheap furniture

How can you turn cheap Ikea furniture into high-quality unique pieces? We'll show you the best DIY hacks for the Swedish furniture giant.

With these Ikea hacks you can upgrade cheap furniture!
With these Ikea hacks you can upgrade cheap furniture!

Show us the apartment in which there is no part of Ikea … When we make a pilgrimage to the Swedish furniture store, we end up with countless scented candles, placemats in all colors, a new houseplant and at least some decorative upholstery. Dreadful. But if it's just as pretty and affordable …

Of course, affordability also has two major drawbacks:

  • 1. With the crowds who shop at Ikea, individuality naturally falls by the wayside. Many first homes look straight from the Ikea catalog - and are therefore very similar. Take your nose: Do you also have these seat cushions lying around on the floor? Nobody really wants to take a seat on it, but we have almost all of them at home.
  • 2. Of course, the quality of the workmanship also corresponds to the price. Really high quality is not there …

So. Fortunately we are here. We'll tell you how you can pimp your Ikea interior with a few clever Ikea hacks so that it not only looks individual, but also extremely exclusive!

Ikea hacks: this is how you pimp cheap furniture to high quality


So simple, so pretty! How to make a high-quality chest of drawers from an Ikea shelf with golden door hooks and a wooden rack.


Decorated with gold foil, the chest of drawers looks more individual and of higher quality, doesn't it?


Drawer knobs can be easily exchanged. Get a variety of buttons from a specialist installer or from another furniture store: Mix and Match is the motto!


You don't have to buy an expensive new armchair right away. There are numerous shops on the Internet that offer individual covers for Ikea classics. Or, if you're a DIY artist: You sit down at the sewing machine yourself.


A dressing table with a marble top? Cover the Ikea plate with marbled foil, done!


Everything you need to refurbish Ikea furniture: paints and varnishes from the hardware store!


Just like the buttons on the drawers, you can also swap the feet of Ikea furniture. Looks more noble right away!


You can get acrylic paints at Libro, Thalia or in hardware stores. With a little skill you can pimp your white Ikea flower pots.


In front of it: a simple Ikea lantern. Then: a modern terrarium!


Simple and pretty: the Kallax shelf becomes a chic bench with cushions and a covered and attached back wall for the bed.


Make 1 out of 2: Simply attach two Ikea flower pots to each other with super glue, and the stylish outdoor planting is perfect.


Ikea shelf brackets are perfect for keeping your dressing room or closet more tidy …


A bland piece of furniture becomes a glamorous eye-catcher thanks to gold spray and an Ikea rug …

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