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Edited pimples? This is how you accelerate wound healing
Edited pimples? This is how you accelerate wound healing

Once again you couldn't keep your fingers off your face and worked on your pimples & blackheads yourself? This is how you promote wound healing.

Edited pimples? This is how you accelerate wound healing
Edited pimples? This is how you accelerate wound healing

We often feel so uncomfortable about pimples and blemishes that we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Instead of patiently waiting for the pimple to heal on its own or applying a patch of salicylic acid, many people mistakenly press the skin and work their face only to find they've made things worse. What remains are large pimple marks, redness and inflamed areas.

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There are actually only two sensible solutions for blemished skin: Have the skin professionally cleansed or treat the pimples with patches or anti-inflammatory ointments (with panthenol and zinc) and simply do nothing. Sunscreen should also be worn so that pimples or pimple marks do not pigment. Anyone who increasingly feels the urge to work their face and constantly fiddling with the skin could belong to so-called "skin pickers". You can find more information about this clinical picture here.

Accelerate wound healing with zinc & panthenol

What should you do if it did happen and you want to get rid of the wound on your face as quickly as possible? We have tested wound healing plasters with hydrocolloid, which are available in the pharmacy for no less than 2 euros. Irrespective of whether it is inflammation, wounds or pimple marks - these plasters have easily accelerated wound healing by two to three days. Simply cut the plasters, apply them to clean skin and remove them before the next facial cleansing. By the way, they are also suitable as pimple patches.

Other helpful products are ointments with zinc and panthenol. They have a calming, anti-inflammatory effect and promote rapid wound healing. Tip: Mums among you should take a closer look at the baby creams for changing diapers. For example inotyol - with zinc and witch hazel. And don't forget: pimples and blemishes are nothing to be ashamed of. Very few have perfectly pure skin …

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