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How to finally become more productive
How to finally become more productive

What do those people do differently who seem to pack 50 hours into a 24-hour day? We have 8 tips on how you can finally become more productive and work more efficiently!

Career & Job: This is how you become and work much more productively
Career & Job: This is how you become and work much more productively

How do you manage to work more productively and, above all, more efficiently? A question that many of us who like to dawdle and procrastinate ask themselves. It wouldn't be that difficult … and, above all, a lot less stressful, to make your work week a little more organized. We reveal how - with eight simple tips!

8 tips: how to work more efficiently and productively

1. Ignore your emails - at least for a moment

A productive working day starts the day before. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep and don't check your emails right after getting up. Take some time for yourself in the morning and only open your emails when you are at work. Otherwise you'll be chasing after your to-do list at breakfast. Better to listen to the morning journal in comfort, go for a walk with the dog or talk to your loved ones on the phone.

2. Start your workday alone

It depends, of course, on where you work, but if possible, start your work day on your own first. Close the office door, work through your emails, then get down to your to-do list. So you have already done a lot in your first hour at work and immediately feel better than spending the first 45 minutes chatting with coffee.

3. Make lists

Speaking of to-do lists - it's best to make different to-do lists. A list of current and urgent tasks and one with longer-term to-dos. So you always have an overview.

4. Optimize your schedule

When are you most productive? Early in the morning? In the evening? Play with your strengths and find out which schedule works best for you. If you need something in the morning to get going, you could tackle organizational matters in the morning and save the more creative tasks for later and vice versa.

5. Micromanagement

Also write down smaller things in the calendar. That's how you're much more likely to end up doing them.

6. Overcome the midday low

How do you best overcome the annoying lunchtime depression? Get away from your desk. If you don't have a fancy rest room in the office, you can just walk around the block. But a tidy desk with plants all around can also help to feel less overwhelmed.

7. Breaks

You can't be productive every second of your work day. Consciously take times when you are working in a focused manner and then take a short break afterwards. What can help here is the ingenious "Time Cube". There are four preset times on the cube. After the respective time has elapsed, the alarm clock beeps and reminds you to take a short break. By clicking on the picture you can buy it right away:

8. Don't overdo it (during the week)

In order to be as productive as possible during the week, it is of little help if you constantly go overboard. Better to stick with a glass of wine than a bottle and make sure you get to bed on time despite evening plans.

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