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6 decisions you should rather sleep on for a few nights
6 decisions you should rather sleep on for a few nights

Most decisions should be made on the gut feeling, but there are a few things that you should think about longer before deciding for or against …

6 decisions you should rather sleep on for a few nights
6 decisions you should rather sleep on for a few nights

When it comes to decisions, we are big fans of our gut feeling. However, some decisions take a little time so that we can actually hear and feel what our instincts and guts are trying to tell us.

In doing so, there are conflicting strategies for making decisions. A study carried out in Germany found that the "subconscious brain is intelligent enough to select the best options". So if you book a plane ticket to Spain late at night and after five splashes on a cozy evening with your friends, everything is probably OK. On the other hand, other research shows that when we make quick decisions, we don't use some parts of our brain at all. That's why we sometimes wake up in the morning and regret the things that seemed like very good ideas a few hours ago. But not everything has to be chewed through for days.

There are times when we need to tear the patch off quickly and just choose one or the other. However, other choices have bigger ramifications, and it is important that we weigh carefully. These are some of the big decisions that may take more time … we speak from experience.;-)

6 big decisions that take time

1. Ban someone from your life

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to swear that we never want to talk to friend X or family member Y again. And sometimes that's exactly the right decision. But when it comes to your parents or a really close friend who hurt you, sometimes it helps to take a few days to think things through (or weeks and months).

2. A tattoo

Without a plan and preparation to become a tattoo artist? Kind of cool anyway. But there is a good reason why there are usually longer waiting times for good tattoo artists. You have a tattoo all your life. So if you don't already have a whole carpet of stains on your body, it's better to think a little longer what kind of tattoo you want - and above all by * who *!

3. Quit the job

Did you have a really shitty day at work? The thought of simply giving up everything is exciting for you right now? We understand. But quitting a job is risky. So be sure that you can afford to give notice … by the way, HERE you can find out how to cancel correctly.

4. A pet

Yes. All of the cat pictures and dog videos on the internet are incredibly cute. And maybe we cried a little yesterday when we saw a video of a street dog on Facebook who befriended a squirrel, BUT: Pets mean an incredible amount of work, time and money. Make sure you can take on this responsibility before you get an animal.

5. Move abroad

Have you already quit your job spontaneously? Then you might even be drawn abroad. However, that requires a lot of planning. So just jumping on a plane may not be the best of all ideas. Make yourself aware of what it means to live far away - with no family or friends around. And maybe go on vacation first before you break up your tents at home entirely.

6. Big changes in your relationship

The wonderfully romantic marriage proposals that you keep seeing on TV or on the Internet? They are not as spontaneous as they might appear. At some point the couple has probably already talked about getting married. The same goes for having children, moving in together, moving house, or a separation. Almost every decision can be reversed - but especially relationship-related decisions are a big deal. Think about it carefully. In the "Relationship & Partnership" section we have some good tips for you.

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