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Kylie Jenner reveals: This is what her baby should have been called Stormi
Kylie Jenner reveals: This is what her baby should have been called Stormi

It's almost refreshing when stars confess that they too like "normal" names for their children. In the case of Baby Stormi, we even agree with Kylie Jenner.

kylie jenner stormi
kylie jenner stormi

Kylie Jenner is the queen of everyday extravaganza. Everything she does is actually normal, average things: poses with her best friend, dyeing her hair, hosting a birthday party for her baby or going out to eat with her boyfriend. But the way she does it, everything is surrounded by an incredible importance, which is also due to the fact that more than 129 million pairs of eyes are directed at her on Instagram. No one was surprised when she revealed the name of her first child, and it was not exactly average.

Kylie's daughter is called Stormi and is the child of Travis Scott. Even then, the two of them said there was no specific reason why they had chosen this name. In fact, the parents playfully quarrel about who came up with it in the first place. Clearly, she is sure that it was her, Jenner said in an interview.

But in an Instagram Live session from E! News, mom now spoke about how she had considered a completely different name for the baby. And this name is actually quite "normal". Rose was her first choice! But she would only say that in public because she never intended to call a daughter that. Why exactly Rose? Just like that, said Jenner. She would always have liked the name.

That Stormi (the cute version of "Storm") has something to do with the force of nature is at least no coincidence. Because Kylie was already looking for a name that has to do with nature. She also thought of Willow, but that was not possible, because a close friend of the family is also called like that: the daughter of the actor Will Smith, Willow Smith.

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