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Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Zoé
Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Zoé

4 women - 4 lives - 1 WOMAN video channel: The "Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf" will start in December and we will introduce you to four women who we will accompany in their lives from now on with all their joys and challenges! Today is Zoé's turn!

You can look forward to women who go their own way and share it with the WOMAN community, who like to reveal a lot about themselves and are willing to let us immerse themselves in their world!

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Every week you will be able to vote for your favorite video at the "Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf" and win great prizes!

After weeks of casting, we have found four exciting and authentic candidates whose lives you can now sniff every week! The third one we'd like to introduce to you in the short video above is Zoé!

Real WOMAN: Zoé, 23 years old

Marital status: in a relationship

Why do you want to be part of the "Real WOMAN Show"?

“I am 23 years old and I am on the way to finding myself. My job is to model, I recently started blogging and I really enjoy going to events, writing about what I enjoy and what makes me tick.

I also really enjoy taking photos, and I would like to develop myself further in it. I want to show that WOMAN can do anything she wants.

"I'm on the way to my self-discovery, currently a model and I really enjoy showing you what makes me tick."

What else I wanted to say: Just watch the video, that's 100 percent me!"

I want to show that WOMAN can do anything she wants

Real WOMAN Show candidates
Real WOMAN Show candidates

What is the task at the Real WOMAN Show?

The candidates film themselves in their everyday life, at work, with family and friends, with hobbies and everyday things such as shopping, visiting the hairdresser, having morning coffee or doing the weekend routine. In addition, WOMAN and its partners repeatedly set tasks.

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