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Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Valentina
Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Valentina

4 women - 4 lives - 1 WOMAN video channel: The “Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf” will start in December and we will introduce you to four women who we will accompany in their lives from now on with all their joys and challenges! Today we present you Valentina!

You can look forward to women who go their own way and share it with the WOMAN community, who like to reveal a lot about themselves and are willing to let us immerse themselves in their world!

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Every week you will be able to vote for your favorite video at the "Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf" and win great prizes!

After weeks of casting, we have found four exciting and authentic candidates whose lives you can now sniff every week! The second one we'd like to introduce to you in the short video above is Valentina!

Real WOMAN: Valentina, 22 years old

Marital status: in a relationship

Why do you want to be part of the "Real WOMAN Show"?

“I feel very comfortable in front of the camera and like to capture my life on videos. I am happy to entertain people and give them a little joy, maybe even infect them with it! I've had a YouTube channel for 2 years and I really enjoy it.

I want to bring joy to people, motivate them, entertain them and bring a smile to their faces

I use the stage name "Valentina Vale", that's also the name of my YouTube channel. I very often do freelance projects with different photographers and I am also a hair model. These projects give me great experience and it's a lot of fun every time. I like to get to know new personalities because I believe that you can learn an incredible amount from other people. I'm starting a 10-week camera acting acting course soon as I'm interested in this direction too!

My hobbies include weight training, yoga, swimming (so I like sports in general), reading, modeling, making videos and eating. I love to eat, and I have to watch out for a few things because I have some intolerances, but you can hardly believe how much you can still find to eat. So I know a lot about nutrition (also in combination with sport / fitness).

It is important to me to be authentic and to be me

Next year I will also start training as a trainer so that I can master my hobby even better. About my previous training: I have completed my training as a kindergarten teacher and studied mechanical engineering for two years (not completed) before I decided to follow my heart and do what I enjoy much more: express myself creatively and being in front of the camera in more ways than one!

"I don't want to pretend anything to anyone, life is not perfect but you can always make the best of it!"

I love social media, I have a lot of fun with it, I want to use it to make people happy, motivate them, entertain them and bring a smile to their faces. It is very important to me to be authentic and to be me. I don't want to pretend to anyone, I want people to like me for who I am and that I am real. Life is not perfect, but you can always make the best of it and I want to show that!"

Real WOMAN Show: Valentina
Real WOMAN Show: Valentina

What is the task at the Real WOMAN Show?

The candidates film themselves in their everyday life, at work, with family and friends, with hobbies and everyday things such as shopping, visiting the hairdresser, having morning coffee or doing the weekend routine. In addition, WOMAN and its partners repeatedly set tasks.

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