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Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Nina
Start of the new Real WOMAN Show: Nina

4 women - 4 lives - 1 WOMAN video channel: The “Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf” will start in December and we will introduce you to four women who we will accompany in their lives from now on with all their joys and challenges! Today we present you Nina!

You can look forward to women who go their own way and share it with the WOMAN community, who like to reveal a lot about themselves and are willing to let us immerse themselves in their world!

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Every week you will be able to vote for your favorite video at the "Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf" and win great prizes!

After weeks of casting, we have found four exciting and authentic candidates whose lives you can now sniff every week! The first one we'd like to introduce to you in the short video above is Nina!

Real WOMAN: Nina, 34 years old

Marital status: Married

Children: Lilly (5 years) & Luki (3 years)

Why do you want to be part of the "Real WOMAN Show"?

“If I had to be described in one word, my entire family and friends would immediately call TAUSENDSASSA unanimously. I really take part in everything, whether they're looking for an extra for a film or someone to take part in a before-and-after show, if there is any student job available that requires crazy costumes or whatever, me I am there quite unpretentiously right away.

If I had to be described in one word, my entire circle of friends would be called jack-of-all-trades

Most of the time I get links from several friends independently of each other with the subject "Would be something for you" if they discover any vacancies again. I am simply curious, open, creative, dynamic, like to get to know people and like to look behind the scenes …

I don't like to miss anything and I want to experience as much as possible in my life! I want to show that it works quite well as a mom if you want to realize yourself, but I definitely don't want to give the illusion that it would be easy! Things are often pretty good at home and something always comes up short - with us mostly the household! That is most likely to be bearable!;-)

I really take part everywhere, I am quite indecent and immediately involved

I am actually constantly brainstorming what I couldn't do and I also implement a lot of it, I am passionate about taking photos (and a lot), baking together with my sister, love to travel, I am an absolute concert goer (from Simply Red via Robbie Williams up to Linkin Park everything is there!) And I'm ALWAYS in the first row, I already have a reputation to lose! I am athletic, have danced hip hop and now have a pole in the basement (ok, I admit, my 5-year-old daughter is slowing me down, everything looks a lot easier with her than it feels for me), I like doing creative things with food, doing handicrafts with the kids or just organizing some kind of event in our community (free of charge, of course, such as an interactive Advent calendar) etc. etc. etc. …

And I want to show that it works very well as a mom too

And yes, as you can see, I can't be brief, so there would definitely be enough talk and vlogger material!"

The Real WOMAN Show: Nina
The Real WOMAN Show: Nina

What is the task at the Real WOMAN Show?

The candidates film themselves in their everyday life, at work, with family and friends, with hobbies and everyday things such as shopping, visiting the hairdresser, having morning coffee or doing the weekend routine. In addition, WOMAN and its partners repeatedly set tasks.

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