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Real WOMAN Show: Accompany Nikolina through everyday life
Real WOMAN Show: Accompany Nikolina through everyday life

Our Real WOMAN Show - powered by Schwarzkopf shows you up close, exciting insights into the lives of four totally different women. Have fun with Nikolina.

After weeks of casting, we found four exciting and authentic candidates whose lives you can now sniff every week!

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Real WOMAN: Nikolina, 26 years old

We would like to introduce you to Nikolina, who is happy to take you into her world. Accompany her in everyday life and see how she masters challenges. Starting with looking for a job, ordering food and fitness, you can find out everything about the 26-year-old here. She is bursting with energy and has no problem laughing at herself from time to time.


What is the task at the Real WOMAN Show?

The candidates film themselves in their everyday life, at work, with family and friends, with hobbies and everyday things such as shopping, visiting the hairdresser, having morning coffee or doing the weekend routine. In addition, WOMAN and its partners repeatedly set tasks.

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