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Real WOMAN Show: Valentina relies on pastel blue hair
Real WOMAN Show: Valentina relies on pastel blue hair

This week our candidates at the Real WOMAN Show - presented by Schwarzkopf were surprised with great styling and hair care products. YouTube vlogger Valentina Vale loves the diverse pastel colors.

Valentina was pretty busy with daily work for her YouTube channel last week and couldn't believe it when the package from Schwarzkopf arrived. The brilliant pastel colors also make our hearts beat faster and encourage them to try out new looks.

For those who are undecided and for everyone who has ever wanted to know how they would look with a completely different look, Schwarzkopf has developed an app that is great fun. Here you can download the app and try it out. In this episode you can see which color Valentina has chosen and how easy the product is to apply.

Valentina relies on pastel blue hair
Valentina relies on pastel blue hair

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What is the task at the Real WOMAN Show?

The candidates film themselves in their everyday life, at work, with family and friends, with hobbies and everyday things such as shopping, visiting the hairdresser, having morning coffee or doing the weekend routine. In addition, WOMAN and its partners repeatedly set tasks.

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