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Thin, fine hair? 5 tricks that really help
Thin, fine hair? 5 tricks that really help

Have you always wanted a thick, voluminous, shiny dream mane, but are you "blessed" with extra fine, thin hair? Then these tips can help!

Hair with more volume
Hair with more volume

The right shampoo

There are numerous shampoos that promise more volume and actually keep it. When making this selection, however, pay attention to products that do not contain sulfates. Because after a short time these can irritate the scalp and dry out the hair.

Additional styling aids

Volume foam? Thickening spray? Supportive powder? Right - here too the market already offers a lot that brings you closer to the voluminous mane! It doesn't sound like a trick, but it works!

Curls or waves look more

With a curling iron you can conjure up additional volume in your hair: Because every "movement" makes it look much fuller - whether it is glamor curls or just gentle waves. Take care of your tips by applying heat protection spray beforehand.

In between a thorough cleansing of the scalp

However, all of these products that make your hair appear thicker can also build up on the scalp and hair with frequent use, making the strands even more difficult. Therefore, use a clarifying shampoo every now and then, which helps to remove stubborn product residues.

New parting

Variety and more volume? Yes, please! It can be so simple: If you try a side part instead of a middle part or switch from one side to another, your hairstyle will look much fuller. Simply style the hair to the opposite side from where it normally falls.

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