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3 easy hairstyles for busy mums
3 easy hairstyles for busy mums

When things have to go fast and look stylish again: Three simple hairstyles to style yourself by top stylist Maximilian Gr├╝nberger for all mums out there!

Three easy hairstyles for busy mums
Three easy hairstyles for busy mums

So much to do and so little time! Almost all mums feel the same way: Thousands of to-dos a day and always in the center of a (albeit extremely cute) hurricane - the best way to do this is to use simple and practical solutions for your hair. Now and then it can be something different or more stylish than the good old ponytail!

That's why we asked one of Germany's top stylists - Maximilian Gr├╝nberger - via the digital beauty platform B: BLOOM for his tips on hairstyles that you can easily re-style yourself.

Easy Chignon (knot in the neck)

  1. Tie yourself a low ponytail.
  2. Braid the ponytail loosely and tie the end together with a hair elastic.
  3. Now wrap it around the beam and secure it with bobby pins. For the loose look, you can pull a few strands out of the contour and from the braid.

Tip: Use a matte wax to define the strands along the contour.

Messy bun

  1. Tie your hair strictly in a bun.
  2. Carefully pull the strands out of the hair elastic (loosely for more volume - but do not pull out completely).
  3. Completely pull out a strand and wrap it around the hair elastic so that it is covered, and secure with a hairpin.

Double ponytail

  1. Simply part the hair at the back of the head horizontally.
  2. Now you tie both parts in a ponytail with a thin hair elastic.
  3. If both parts are now hanging on top of each other, a casual ponytail is created that looks twice as long. Style the top ponytail in the bottom and your hair will immediately look longer.

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