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Win a Dove “Powered by Plants” package - full plant power
Win a Dove “Powered by Plants” package - full plant power

Full plant power ensures your natural well-being

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Win a Dove Powered by Plants package
Win a Dove Powered by Plants package

If you pamper your skin with natural ingredients and don't want to forego Dove's tried and tested care expertise, then the new, first plant-based cosmetics from Dove "Powered by Plants" are the right choice. The innovative, natural care series suitable for vegans relies on the power of plants and proves that selected active ingredients from nature enable a switch to plant-based cosmetics.

Revitalizing care and intensive moisture ensure an all-round natural feeling of well-being and nourish the skin with plant-based active ingredients - the new "Powered by Plants" care series with plant power takes us straight into lush green botanical gardens with its delicious fragrances of natural origin and essential oils. Ginger provides a fresh energy kick, eucalyptus brings refreshment into the bathroom, bamboo takes care of the soothing skin feeling and geranium completes the wellness ritual at home.

And of course sustainability and environmental awareness are not neglected: For example, a natural propellant, obtained from air, is used in the certified natural cosmetic deodorant sprays, which does not result in greenhouse emissions. In addition, the bottles in the care showers are made from 100% recycled plastic *.

Dove “Powered by Plants” at a glance

  • First care formulation with plant-based ingredients and active ingredients from Dove
  • Fragrances of natural origin ensure a wellness effect
  • dermatologically tested
  • suitable for vegans
  • Bottles of the care showers and body & hair oil made from 100% recycled plastic *

Dove “Powered by Plants” - care showers gently cleanse our skin with plant-based care substances and enable soft and supple skin.

Available in Ginger & Eucalyptus


Dove “Powered by Plants” - deodorants guarantee us a fresh skin feeling and protect without aluminum salts with ingredients of 99% natural origin. Thanks to innovative atomizer technology with environmentally neutral propellants, there are no greenhouse emissions during use.

Available in Ginger, Eucalyptus & Roll-on Ginger


Dove "Powered by Plants" - Body Lotions give our skin intensive moisture with plant-based ingredients. They are quickly absorbed and leave the skin feeling silky - without being greasy.

Available in Bamboo & Ginger


Dove "Powered by Plants" - Body & Hair Oil Geranium Not only does it care for our skin so that it is silky and soft, it also gives our hair a wonderful shine.

Win 1 of 3 “Powered by Plants” packages

Do you want to try out the new cosmetics from Dove right away? Then take part in our competition! We are giving away three "Powered by Plants" packages containing the following cosmetics:

  • Ginger care shower
  • Eucalyptus deodorant spray
  • Deodorant roll-on ginger
  • Body Lotion Bamboo
  • Body & hair oil

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