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Discover fruity drinks full of joie de vivre
Discover fruity drinks full of joie de vivre

Take on 3/11 Take part in digital drinks and take the chance for exclusive prizes: The pink Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic from Fever-Tree with Scottish raspberries and English rhubarb tastes like a new zest for life. Take the chance for exclusive prizes!

Discover fruity drinks full of lust for life: The new pink FEVER-TREE Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic is here!
Discover fruity drinks full of lust for life: The new pink FEVER-TREE Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic is here!

A composition of fruity raspberry, delicately tart rhubarb and a hint of quinine - the new Fever-Tree Pink Tonic tastes as fruity and refreshing as the British summer itself. The main characters: raspberries that ripen aromatically in the Strathmore Valley in Scotland and rhubarb from one Family farm in Norfolk, England, where the rough North Sea breeze kisses him. This tonic deliberately uses a smaller amount of quinine in order to bring out the sweet fruit aromas and is therefore the perfect mixer for the ultimate pink aperitif.

Your chance for an evening with Fever-Tree and 3 friends in the trendy Viennese bar "Everybody’s Darling" and ten bulging pink mixing bags for at home


Experience the fruity Fever-Tree drinks for yourself - either with three of your friends in "Everybody’s Darling" or with one of ten Raspberry & Rhubarb packages at home. At the WOMAN main prize, you and your friends can look forward to a great aperitif package with raspberry & rhubarb drinks and delicious snacks. With the taste of Pink Tonic on your lips and the summery atmosphere in "Everybody’s Darling", nothing stands in the way of the new Fever-Tree lifestyle. Be there and with a little luck you will soon experience the feeling of the British summer: With the main prize in "Everybody’s Darling" or with 1 of 10 exclusive Pink Tonic packages at your home.

It's so easy to participate:

To take part in the competition, take the 11.03.2021 around 6 p.m. at the digital launch event of the Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic and get it Solution word to follow it up here to enter.

Recipe tip:

  1. Fill a wine glass with lots of ice
  2. Add 5 cl vermouth (e.g. Lillet Blanc) or 5 cl gin (e.g. Bombay Bramble)
  3. Top up with Rasperry & Rhubarb Tonic Water
  4. Refine with a dash of lime if you like and garnish with fresh raspberries

The Fever-Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb Tonic will be available from March in a practical pack of four (4x200ml) and from April in a 500ml glass bottle from the Spar, Mpreis and well-stocked stores.

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