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Get 5 tips for a healthy bladder in summer and win a ru
Get 5 tips for a healthy bladder in summer and win a ru

Every second woman suffers from a urinary tract infection at least once in her life - every seventh is affected by a cystitis once a year. How do we not let it get that far in the first place? We reveal 5 tips for a healthy bladder and are giving away 10 all-round carefree packages for “bladder health” from UroAkut® and UroProtect.

Get 5 tips for a healthy bladder in summer and win an all-round carefree package!
Get 5 tips for a healthy bladder in summer and win an all-round carefree package!

Summer, sun, sunshine - the last thing a woman needs now is a cystitis. But unfortunately she does not go on vacation in summer either. We'll now reveal how you can enjoy the best time of the year with a healthy bladder and what you better avoid for the sake of your bladder:

Tip 1: be careful with cold surfaces

The hot summer day is followed by a cooler evening and it happens: the bare feet get cold and the bladder reacts offended. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should have (see-through) tights with you so that you don't freeze in your summer dress in the evenings. You should also avoid sitting on the cold stone tiles at the edge of the swimming pool - because this cools the abdomen, the blood vessels constrict and the immune defense is restricted. The risk of developing a cystitis increases.


Tip 2: the right hygiene

A urinary tract infection is almost always triggered by E. coli bacteria. These colonize our intestines and can get into the genital area and thus into the bladder through improper hygiene or during sex. Important when cleaning on the toilet: always wipe from front to back towards the anus so as not to bring any bacteria into the genital area. By the way: Excessive hygiene (e.g. intimate sprays or too much soap) disturbs the vaginal flora, the first barrier in the fight against pathogens - it is better to use pH-neutral washing lotions or only water.

Tip 3: Be sure to change your swimwear

If you dare to jump into the cool water to cool off, you shouldn't just dry yourself off afterwards, but rather change your wet swimwear quickly! Because when bikini or swimsuit dry on the skin, evaporative cooling occurs, which - as described in tip 1 - can lead to local hypothermia. Bacteria then have an easy job!

Tip 4: go to the bathroom after sex

Unromantic, but important when it comes to preventing cystitis: empty your bladder as quickly as possible after sex. This flushes out any pathogens before they have made it into the bladder. Warning: sperm-killing agents, which condoms are often impregnated with, increase the risk of cystitis. Ask your gynecologist which brand or method of contraception is best for you.

Tip 5: keep your bladder healthy - take part & win

If you are prone to bladder infections, the terms D-mannose and PAC should not remain foreign words to you. The simple sugar D-mannose and the secondary plant substances PAC contained in cranberries can prevent bacteria from adhering to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract - the bacteria are then simply flushed out with the urine on the toilet. Regardless of whether it is preventive or acute - the ideal combination of D-mannose and cranberry contain the products UroAkut®, UroAkut® vegan and UroProtect, which are available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Win a bladder health package from UroAkut® and UroProtect

Do you want to get an idea of the effective power duo for your bladder? Then win one of ten bladder health packages from UroAkut® and UroProtect!

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