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Competition: Sustainable coffee enjoyment with Lavazza
Competition: Sustainable coffee enjoyment with Lavazza

For over 125 years, the Italian coffee roaster Lavazza has stood for authentic Italian coffee enjoyment and the harmonious combination of tradition and innovation. This corporate philosophy has always inspired the traditional family company to look beyond the edge of the coffee cup and create a variety of taste experiences.

Competition: Sustainable coffee enjoyment with Lavazza
Competition: Sustainable coffee enjoyment with Lavazza

With the new ¡Tierra! Lavazza is now combining coffee blends with Italian coffee enjoyment and sustainability. "A world that is destroying the goods of nature is one that I do not want to belong to," Luigi Lavazza summed it up in 1935. Doing good, cup for cup - as a first-class coffee company, Lavazza aims to take on a pioneering role when it comes to respect for the regions of origin and their producers.

Cup of responsibility

The three new aromatic premium creations ¡Tierra! For Africa, ¡Tierra! For Amazonia and ¡Tierra! For Planet Italian tradition and top quality and are at the same time linked to international sustainability projects of the Lavazza Foundation. The traditional Italian company founded this sustainability project in 2002 to improve the social and ecological conditions of the coffee-growing communities and their production techniques. Today this includes over 130,000 coffee producers in 18 countries on three continents. What's special: With the new variety of coffees from Lavazza ¡Tierra! Lavazza supports very specific international projects for the benefit of climate protection, education and equality and would like to improve the conditions in the coffee-growing countries in the long term - for the environment and for people.

Together for our planet

With Lavazza ¡Tierra! All coffee lovers support coffee-producing communities around the world and make an important contribution to our planet. The caffè blends consist exclusively of hand-picked beans and are both organic and Rain Forest Alliance certified. The Italian roast gives them body, full aroma and long-lasting taste in fascinating harmony. As a result, the Italian coffee roaster creates lasting moments of pleasure in the usual Lavazza quality that you can feel and taste with every cup.

Win & enjoy sustainably

Take part and win an Italian indulgence package with Lavazza, consisting of:

  • 1 De‘Longhi portafilter machine La Specialista
  • One pack of 500 grams each of the three new caffè mixes ¡Tierra! For Planet, ¡Tierra! For Amazonia and ¡Tierra! For Africa

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